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Drawings (visual works)

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 9 Collections and/or Records:

Box 15, circa 1960-1970

 File — Box B333.08.0015: Series B333.08 [U186023261528]
Identifier: B333.08.0015
Scope and Contents Ten sketch books with drawings by Maria Lowenstein

Henry Lowenstein in Uniform, circa 1950

Identifier: B333.08.0003.0001.00006
Overview Charcoal sketch of service man with dress hat on. Man is wearing glasses and rests his chin in his hand. This may be a protrait of Henry done by his mother or possibly done himself. The sketch is note dated and not signed but it does bear resemblance to Henry and he serves in the US Army from 1950-1953.

Hunger, 1945

Identifier: B333.08.0003.00009
Overview Charcoal drawing on paper of young woman sitting on single bed (Maria Loewenstein's daughter Karin Steinberg. Her shoulders are hunched and her lower arms rest on the top her thighs. She looks off behind the artist’s right side with a vacant stare. The bed has a pillow and blanket but the rest of the area is bare. The drawing was done on wall paper with charcoal from bombed buildings in Berlin.

"If shirts are 7 coupons each...", circa 1960

Identifier: B333.08.0002.0001.00003
Overview Pencil sketch on tracing paper of a female teacher sitting at a desk at the front of a classroom with a board to her left with equations on it. Across from her a girl stands in front of a desk. Quotation at the bottom says "If shirts are 7 coupons each how many could you buy with 14?" "That all depends if you know the right people!"

"It was (?) wizard over Cologne!", circa 1960

Identifier: B333.08.0002.0001.00002
Overview Pencil sketch on tracing paper of man and woman in a 1930s-1940s era convertible automobile with the man driving. He is looking toward his female passenger as he drives through a barricade on a curved road by a sign that says "CAREFUL BEND."

"One potatoe to a bottle of whiskey he doesn't make it.", circa 1960

Identifier: B333.08.0002.0001.00004
Scope and Contents Pencil sketch on tracing paper of a man running from a bull in a pasture. Two men on the outside of the fence, one smoking a pipe, are looking on and conversing. Quotation say "One potatoe to a Bottle of whiskey he doesn't make it." Potato is spelled with an "e" on the end.

Self-Portrait, Maria Lowenstein, 1942

Identifier: B333.08.0003.0001.00007
Overview Charcoal self portrait of Maria Lowenstien dated 1942. Her hair is almost chin length with a slight curl and parted down the center. Her features are sharp. The protrait goes down to the top of shoulders and shirt collar.

Self-Portrait, Maria Lowenstein, circa 1960

Identifier: B333.08.0003.0001.00008

"Think we could strike a deal?", circa 1960

Identifier: B333.08.0002.0001.00001
Overview Pencil sketch on tracing paper of a woman on a doorstep with a milk bottle in one hand and the outstretched holding money (presumably) toward the milkman. The milkman has a milk crate of bottles in each hand and his head is turned back toward the woman on the doorstep. The quotation at the bottom of the sketch states "Think we could strike a deal?"