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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Refers to officials carrying this title serving in various administrative, judicial, or secretarial capacities in various contexts, such as noble and royal houses, governments, the judiciary, churches, and universities.

Found in 301 Collections and/or Records:

Admin - Chancellors - Group - Buchtel, McDowell, and Moore

Identifier: U201.01.0090.0008
Abstract Black and white prints of a group portrait of University of Denver Chancellors Buchtel, McDowell, and Moore.
Dates: 1864-

Administration - Chancellors, circa 1900

Identifier: U201.01.0090.0008.00001
Abstract This portrait depicts the University of Denver Administration Chancellors: Henry Augustus Buchtel, William Fraser McDowell, and David Hastings Moore, circa 1900.
Dates: circa 1900

Adolph Kiesler Receiving an Honorary Degree, 1955

Identifier: B063.05.0052.00058
Abstract Adolph Kiesler, left, and Chancellor Chester Alter stand together holding a degree and wearing cap and gown during the 1955 University of Denver graduation when Kiesler received an honorary degree.
Dates: 1955

Albert Charles Jacobs, between 1949-1953

Identifier: U201.03.0011.0045.00001
Abstract Black and white portrait of University of Denver Chancellor Albert Charles Jacobs.
Dates: between 1949-1953

Albert Charles Jacobs, between 1949-1953

Identifier: U201.01.0413.00007
Abstract University of Denver eleventh chancellor Albert Charles Jacobs poses for a portrait. Jacobs was chancellor from 1949-1953.
Dates: between 1949-1953

Albert Sims, Ben Cherrington, Josef Korbel, and Joe Slater, between 1962-1975

Identifier: U201.02.0138.0033.00003
Abstract Black and white print of Albert Sims, former University of Denver chancellor Ben M. Cherrington, DU professor and dean Josef Korbel, and Joe Slater examining some papers around a table.
Dates: between 1962-1975

Alfred C. Nelson, between 1929-1949

Identifier: U201.03.0011.0036.00001
Abstract Headshot of University of Denver professor and interim Chancellor Alfred Clarence Nelson.
Dates: between 1929-1949

Alfred Clarence Nelson, 1949

Identifier: U201.01.0413.00010
Abstract University of Denver tenth chancellor Alfred Clarence Nelson poses for a portrait. Nelson served as chancellor from 1948 to 1949. Nelson was an interim chancellor appointed by the board and the only DU alumnus to hold the position.
Dates: 1949

Alter, Chester M., between 1953-1967

Identifier: U201.03.0011.0037
Abstract Black and white print of headshot of University of Denver Chancellor Chester M. Alter.
Dates: between 1953-1967

Alter, Chester M. - Chancellor (VIP) Photographs - Family, 1953-1996

Identifier: U201.02.0138.0010
Abstract 14 black and white prints of University of Denver Chancellor Chester Alter and his family. Images include Chester and Arvilla Alter at a 1980 reunion; Chester, Arvilla, and and Dick Alter in front of Mary Reed building; headshot of Arvilla Alter; Arvilla Alter hanging curtains; Chester Alter at his 90th birthday party with Lisa Lucas and Nancy Willets; Arvilla Alter pouring tea for Chester Alter in his office; Dick Alter with the family dog; Arvilla Alter with Claire Houerton and Jean Irish;...
Dates: 1953-1996