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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Refers to officials carrying this title serving in various administrative, judicial, or secretarial capacities in various contexts, such as noble and royal houses, governments, the judiciary, churches, and universities.

Found in 312 Collections and/or Records:

Chancellor Ritchie with Boy Scouts and Children, circa 1995

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0001.00007
Overview Photographic image of Chancellor Ritchie with a group of school children, including two Boy Scouts in uniform; all are watching something out of frame. Location unknown, circa 1995.
Dates: circa 1995

Chancellor Ritchie with Ted Koppel at Chancellor's Society Event, 1987

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0001.00008
Overview Photographic image of a group of five men and one woman at a Chancellor's Society event. Chancellor Ritchie is at center with Ted Koppel to his left with the woman standing between them. At the University of Denver, 1987.
Dates: 1987

Chancellor Smith and Evans Chapel, circa 1987

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0017.00003
Overview Photographic print of Chancellor Dwight Smith sitting on a stone wall with Evans Chapel in the background. On the University of Denver campus, circa 1987.
Dates: circa 1987

Chancellor Smith with Chancellor's Leadership Core, 1986 October

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0017.00006.00001
Overview Photographic image from contact sheet of Chancellor Smith posing with students in the Chancellor's Leadership Core in October of 1986.
Dates: 1986 October

Chancellor Smith with President George H.W. Bush, circa 1985

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0017.00002
Overview Photographic image of Chancellor Dwight Smith shaking hands with President George H.W. Bush. An unidentified man looks on. Circa 1985.
Dates: circa 1985

Chancellor Smith with Richard Lamm, 1987

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0016.00003
Overview Photographic image of Chancellor Dwight Smith, Governor Richard (Dick) Lamm, and donor Leo Block. Chancellor Smith is wearing academic regalia. On the University of Denver campus, 1987.
Dates: 1987

Chancellors Mitchell, Alter, and Ritchie, circa 1995

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0001.00002
Overview Photographic image of [left to right] Chancellors Maurice B. Miller, Chester M. Alter, and Daniel Ritchie, in front of what appears to be a framed painting of Chancellor Alter at the University of Denver, circa 1995.
Dates: circa 1995

Chancellors Ritchie, Alter, and Smith, circa 1995

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0001.00003
Overview Photographic image of [left to right] Chancellors Daniel Ritchie, Chester Alter, and Dwight Smith dressed in tuxedos at the University of Denver, circa 1995.
Dates: circa 1995

Chemistry Professor Dwight Smith in Laboratory, circa 1970

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0017.00008
Overview Photographic image of Professor Dwight Smith working with chemistry equipment in a laboratory, on the campus of the University of Denver, circa 1970.
Dates: circa 1970

Cherrington, Ben M. - Chancellor - Photographs, 1951-1976

Identifier: U201.02.0138.0033
Overview 33 black and white prints, mostly undated, of University of Denver Chancellor Ben M. Cherrington. Images include Cherrington with United Nations flag-decorated podium; at his desk in his office; at a Social Science Foundation luncheon with Dorothy Fosdick, a Mr. Lewis, and a Mr. Wilson; with an unidentified man holding a globe beneath a United Nations emblem; with C. Dale Fuller; with Mrs. Cherrington, Heber R. Harper, and Mrs. Harper; at the Social Science Foundation's 50th anniversary and his...
Dates: 1951-1976