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Printed ephemera

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: No note in LCSH AAT: Printed works that are created to meet an array of immediate needs, usually transitory in nature not intended to be saved. Examples could be broadsides, posters, leaflets, pamphlets, programs, postcards, tradecards, labels, tickets, handbills, sale notices, and valentines. DU Note: Not in LCGFT 11/19/2013, 9/24/2014.

Found in 988 Collections and/or Records:

1994 9th Annual Floyd M. Theard Memorial Golf Tournament, 1994 May 16

Identifier: U300.05.0028.00029

Program for the 9th annual Floyd M. Theard memorial golf tournament on May 16, 1994 presented by the University of Denver (DU) at the Meridian Golf Club in Denver, Colorado. Program includes a brief statement about former men's basketball coach Floyd M. Theard, a schedule of events, team pairings, contest and awards information, and sponsor information.

Dates: 1994 May 16

1994 Tennis University of Denver, 1994

Identifier: U300.05.0027.00061

1994 University of Denver (DU) Pioneers men's and women's tennis information guide featuring team rosters, coaching staff, an outlook for the upcoming season, and schedule.

Dates: 1994

1995 Apex One WCHA Final Five, 1995 March 16-18

Identifier: U300.05.0410.00024

Program for the 1995 WCHA Final Five Championships held in the Saint Paul Civic Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Program features team rosters, coaching staffs, statistics, and schedule.

Dates: 1995 March 16-18

1995 Colorado Athletic Conference Post-Season Tournament, 1995 March 2-5

Identifier: U300.05.0027.00115
Abstract 1995 Colorado Athletic Conference post-season tournament program for men's and women's basketball from March 2-5, 1995 in the University of Southern Colorado's Massari Arena in Pueblo, Colorado. The two tournaments feature a total of ten teams from seven schools. The six men's basketball teams included the University of Denver (DU), Metropolitan State College, Colorado Christian University, the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, Regis University, and the University of Southern...
Dates: 1995 March 2-5

1995 University of Denver Men's Lacrosse Pioneers Media Guide, 1995

Identifier: U300.05.0027.00002

1995 University of Denver (DU) Pioneers men's lacrosse information guide featuring team roster, coaching staff, individual player profiles, statistics, an outlook for the upcoming season, and schedule.

Dates: 1995

1996 NCAA Division II Men's & Women's Tennis Championships, 1996 May 9-12

Identifier: U300.05.0027.00116
Abstract 1996 NCAA division II men's and women's tennis championships program from May 9-12, 1996 at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma program. Sixteen men's and sixteen women's colleges competed in the tournament. The men's teams included Abilene Christian University, Armstrong State College, Barry University, Bloomsburg University, Cal Poly Pomona, Elon College, the University of Central Oklahoma, Lander University, Millersville University, Pfeiffer College, University of...
Dates: 1996 May 9-12

1996 WCHA Final Five, 1996 March 7-9

Identifier: U300.05.0410.00026

Program for the 1996 WCHA Final Five Championships held in the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Program features team rosters, coaching staffs, statistics, and schedule.

Dates: 1996 March 7-9

2001 National Collegiate Women's Gymnastics Championships, 2001 April 19-21

Identifier: U300.05.0025.00094

2001 Women's National Collegiate Gymnastics Championships in Athens, Georgia program featuring a complete schedule and a list of participants organized by event.

Dates: 2001 April 19-21

2004 NCAA National Champion University of Denver 48th Annual Hockey Awards Evening, 2004 May 9

Identifier: U300.05.0026.00068

2003-2004 University of Denver (DU) Pioneers men's ice hockey NCAA National Champions awards evening from May 9, 2004 in the Robert and Judi Newman Center for the Performing Arts in Denver, Colorado program. Program features individual player photographs and team roster.

Dates: 2004 May 9

2004 Schedule Denver Volleyball, 2004

Identifier: U300.05.0027.00102

2004 University of Denver (DU) Pioneers women's volleyball schedule with team roster, individual player photographs, and photographs of various volleyball hand signals.

Dates: 2004