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Printed ephemera

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: No note in LCSH AAT: Printed works that are created to meet an array of immediate needs, usually transitory in nature not intended to be saved. Examples could be broadsides, posters, leaflets, pamphlets, programs, postcards, tradecards, labels, tickets, handbills, sale notices, and valentines. DU Note: Not in LCGFT 11/19/2013, 9/24/2014.

Found in 988 Collections and/or Records:

WCHA Playoff University of Denver vs. Colorado College, 1967 March 7

Identifier: U300.05.0411.00040

University of Denver (DU) Pioneers men's ice hockey game program from a WCHA conference playoff game against Colorado College held on March 7, 1967. Program features team roster, statistics, history, individual player profiles, and records.

Dates: 1967 March 7

WCHA Playoffs University of Denver vs. University of Minnesota Ice Hockey Program, 1968 March 8-9

Identifier: U300.05.0028.00021

University of Denver (DU) Pioneers game program from March 8-9, 1968 for a game vs. the University of Minnesota in a WCHA playoff game. Program features rosters for both teams, coaching staffs, and a University of Denver (DU) Pioneers team photograph with player names listed.

Dates: 1968 March 8-9

We Did it Before ( '54) We Can Do it Again!... in '55), 1955

Identifier: U300.05.0024.00100

1955 University of Denver (DU) Pioneers men's football information mailer featuring team roster, message from the head coach, and schedule.

Dates: 1955

Western Collegiate Hockey Association Final Four Championships, 1988 March 6-7

Identifier: U300.05.0410.00023

Program for the 1988 WCHA Final Four Championships held in the Saint Paul Civic Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Program features team rosters, coaching staffs, statistics, and schedule.

Dates: 1988 March 6-7

Winter Sports 1970-71. Discover Denver., 1970-1971

Identifier: U300.05.0028.00017

1970-1971 University of Denver (DU) Pioneers sports information guide for press, radio, and television. Sports include ice hockey, men's basketball, men's skiing, men's swimming, men's water polo, men's gymnastics, and men's soccer. Contents of the guide include individual sport schedules, rosters, coaching staffs, records, and statistics.

Dates: 1970-1971

Winter's Family History

Identifier: B310

Collection contains a scrapbook with family history related to the Winter family from 1890 through 1981.

Dates: Coverage: 1890-1973; 1981

Women of Valor 1912-1987 Exhibit, 1987

Identifier: B157.04.0005.0014

Opening reception invitation for the Women of Valor exhibit at the Mizel Museum and four photographs from the reception.

Dates: 1987

Women's Gymnastics University of Denver 1980-81, 1980-1981

Identifier: U300.05.0025.00018

1980-1981 University of Denver (DU) Pioneers women's gymnastics information guide featuring team roster, coaching staff, individual player information, and schedule.

Dates: 1980-1981