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Social life and customs

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Private Note: This term is an LCSH subdivision only. Used under places and classes of persons. Consider LCSH: Manners and customs as a heading.

Found in 3 Collections and/or Records:

Bell Tailors' Annual Picnic, circa 1925

Identifier: B063.01.0050.0001.00001
Overview Employees of Bell Tailors and their families picnic in Bergen Park in the Colorado mountains in the 1920s. There are four open-sided tour buses behind the group. A sign reads: ''Bell Tailors Annual Picnic at Bergan [sic] Park.''

Iota Kappa Fraternity at Civic Center Park, 1916 June 11

Identifier: B063.04.0031.0011.00001
Overview A line of twenty men and women are holding Iota Kappa Fraternity pennants and wear hats that read ''I.K.F.'' They are standing at intersection of Colfax Avenue, Cheyenne Place, and Broadway in Denver, Colorado. From left to right: Harry Kaufman, Maimie Denker, Sam Perotin, Tillie Rudofsky, (unknown), Celia Jacobs, Iz Plotkin, Betty Rottman (Alpert), Phil Rossman, Celia Wagner, Joe Melnick, Jessie Bronstine (Sachter), Harry Gibbons, Ann Gibbons, Albert Lenner, Ann Wandel, Dave Wandel, Henrietta...

Unitonian Club Outing at Idaho Springs, 1917 June 30

Identifier: B063.04.0031.0010.00001
Overview A group of nineteen men and women stand on a street in front of an automobile in Idaho Springs, Colorado. Joe and Betty Alpert are fifth and sixth from the left. The men wear striped knitted caps with a tassel; the women and one man hold Japanese-style umbrellas. A man and a woman are standing behind a brick wall of a multi-storied building. A track runs down the street. The Unitonian Club was a Jewish club in Denver, Colorado.