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Subject Source: Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms
Scope Note: Images that are intended to portray one or more persons, fictitious characters, or mythological beings.

Found in 170 Collections and/or Records:

Rabbi Samuel Weil Portraits

Identifier: B383
Abstract Samuel Weil served as the rabbi of Congregation Emanuel in Denver, Colorado, in 1876-1877. He was only appointed under a 1 year contract and was granted a 6 month extension in March 1877. However, he was relieved of his duties due to "inadequacies" and remarks he made on June 1st which the board did not "countenance." The Weil family left Denver in December of 1877 after it was learned that the Rabbi had written to a Reverend in the Presbyterian Church proclaiming his belief in Jesus...
Dates: Other: circa 1885

Rabbi Weil Drawing, circa 1885

Identifier: B383.01.0001.00002
Scope and Contents

Rectangular framed drawing of man (Samuel Weil) with white beard and darker grey hair and grey mustasche. He is wearing a light colored shirt and and dark suit jacket. The portrait includes his head and shoulders; he is looking off to his right.

Dates: circa 1885

Rabbi Weil Tintype, circa 1885

Identifier: B383.01.0001.00001
Scope and Contents

Round tintype of man (Samuel Weil) with white beard and dark hair and mustasche. He is wearing a light colored shirt and and dark suit jacket. The portrait includes his head and shoulders; he is looking off to his right.

Dates: circa 1885

Richard Simon, 2003

 Item — Object B398.01.00002: Series B398.01 [Barcode: U186023282304]
Identifier: B398.01.00002

Framed drawing of Richard Simon by artist Deborah Howard. Drawing is largely black and white with light brown accents through his hair. Richard Simon is looking directly at the viewer.

Dates: 2003

Robinson Building, 1960-2000

Identifier: B360.03.0032.0038

Five photos of the Robinson Building or the Richard L. Robinson Family Finance and Administration Center. Two are in color. One portrait b/w photograph of Richard L. Robinson.

Dates: 1960-2000

Ronald Loeb - Baby Picture, August 1954

Identifier: B407.01.0001.0008.00003

Photograph shows a one year old baby. Written on the back is "Ronald Emil Loeb Aug. 1954 1 year old".

Dates: August 1954

Sabina Heller, 2006

 Item — Object B398.01.00014: Series B398.01 [Barcode: U186023282485]
Identifier: B398.01.00014

Framed drawing of Sabina Heller by artist Deborah Howard. Drawing is in black and white, Sabina wears a sleeveless shirt and pearls. Sabina Heller is looking towards the viewer.

Dates: 2006

Schlesinger Family

Identifier: B111.09.0009.0006

Louise Schlesinger Anfenger (1847-1938) was the daughter of Dina and Solomon Schlesinger. She was born in Berlin, Germany and moved with her parents to Denver, CO at a young age. In 1871 she married Louis Anfenger, a successful businessman and founder of the Congregation Emanuel, National Jewish Consumptives Hospital, and the local B'nai B'rith in Denver. The couple and their eight children continued to be very involved with the Jewish community for the rest of their lives.

Dates: 1879-2008

Self-Portrait, Maria Lowenstein, 1942

Identifier: B333.08.0003.00003

Charcoal self portrait of Maria Lowenstein dated 1942. Her hair is almost chin length with a slight curl and parted down the center. Her features are sharp. The portrait goes down to the top of shoulders and shirt collar.

Dates: 1942

Self-Portrait, Maria Lowenstein, circa 1960

Identifier: B333.08.0003.00004

Charcoal self-portrait on tracing paper.

Dates: circa 1960