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Subject Source: Library of Congress Name Authority File

Found in 120 Collections and/or Records:

Background Information, 1956-1961

Identifier: B436.02.0003.0009

File contains a speech by former president of the U.N. general assembly about communism, Extracts from the Communist International, a map of Africa, and Notes on the Adolf Eichmann Trial prepared by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith.

Dates: 1956-1961

Ballet - Panov, Valery and Galina, 1968-1978

Identifier: B093.01.0004.0030

Fact sheet and materials related to Russian ballet dancers Valery and Galina Panov. Valery and his wife Galina performed at the Kirov ballet in Leningrad until they applied for exit visas to Israel in 1972. They were expelled from the Kirov, imprisoned briefly, and allowed to leave Russia for Israel in 1974.

Dates: 1968-1978

Billie Stein in Jerusalem, between 1960-1980

Identifier: B063.08.0064.00040

Billie Stein standing at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel.

Dates: between 1960-1980

Box 1, 1949-2012

 File — Box B344.01.0001: Series B344.01; Series B344.02; Series B344.03; Series B344.04; Series B344.05 [Barcode: U186022263713]
Identifier: B344.02.0001

Contains editorials, correspondence, and letters to the editor written by Jack Greenwald. Material subject matter includes anti-Semitism, Israel, and Palestinians.

Dates: 1949-2012

Box 1, 1919-1920

 File — Box B375.01.0001: Series B375.01 [Barcode: U186023261536]
Identifier: B375.01.0001

Copies of several letters written between February 1919 and September 1920 by Dr. Spivak and his family in Denver while he was away.

Dates: 1919-1920

Box 1, 1932 - 1969

 File — Box B429.01.0001: Series B429.01 [Barcode: U186023298907]
Identifier: B429.01.0001

This box contains 31 folders of sermons spanning 1932-1969. Many of the sermons exist in duplicate or triplicate as marginalia and notes typically exist on one or more sermons and the other copy(ies) are facsimiles without the marginalia or notes.

Dates: 1932 - 1969

Box 1, 1972-1974

 File — Box 457.01.0001: Series B457.01 [Barcode: U186023306158]
Identifier: B457.01.0001

Box contains one [1] scrapbook containing photographs, newspaper clippings, invitations, and flyers about the Mizrachi Women of Denver organization and their events from 1972-1974.

Dates: 1972-1974

Box 19: Awards - Israel, 1973-1977

 File — Box B401.02.0019: Series B401.02; Series B401.03 [Barcode: U186023300629]
Identifier: B401.03.0019
Abstract Box contains materials relating to the Israel Development Medal presented to Jordon Perlmutter by Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1977 at the Denver Mariott Hotel. The materials include the medal, a photograph of Yitzhak Rabin placing the medal on Jordon, and the program of the dinner. The box also contains news clippings, photographs, loose scrapbook pages, photographs, brochures of business projects, and an award presented to Jordon and Essie Perlmutter by the United Jewish Appeal...
Dates: 1973-1977

Box 25: Awards - HEA

 File — Box B401.03.0025: Series B401.03 [Barcode: U186023300746]
Identifier: B401.03.0025

Box contains plaque for the HEA Chai Campaign awarded to Jordon and Essie Perlmutter.

Dates: 1970-2016

Box 27 - Awards - ADL

 File — Box B401.03.0027: Series B401.03 [Barcode: U186023300738]
Identifier: B401.03.0027

Box contains Anti-defamation League State of Israel Bonds plaques awarded to Abe and Jordon Perlmutter.

Dates: 1970-2016