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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Collected objects of various kinds with historical, personal, or locational interest, used generally.

Found in 9 Collections and/or Records:

Box 59: Pins and Ribbons

 File — Box D096.0059: Series D096.13 [U186020741626]
Identifier: D096.13.0059
Overview This box contains pins and ribbons from various square dancing events and groups, including: the Illinois State Square Dance Convention, the Square Dance Association of Wisconsin, the Kenosha Square Dance Club, the Sashay Rounders of Santa Fe, the Chula Vista Dance Fest, and the 23rd National Square Dance Convention in San Antonio Texas. Also included in the box are a number of wooden stamps.
Dates: 1850-2007

Box 80: Pins, Badges, and Ribbons

 File — Box D096.0080: Series D096.13 [U186023289110]
Identifier: D096.13.0080
Overview This box contains a large amount of pins, badges, and ribbons from various events and square dancing groups. These include: "Dudes 'n' Darlins"; "Cypress Twirlers"; "Wheel and Whirl"; "Keystones"; "Honey Bees"; "Butterfield Backtrackers"; "El Toro Swingers"; "Tip Toppers"; "Levis and Laces"; "Desert Sidewinders"; "Crackers and Crumbs"; "Lace 'n' Leather"; "Boll Weevils"; "Merrymakers Anaheim"; and "Roll'n Hobos".
Dates: 1850-2007

Box 83: Cloth Banners and Pins

 File — Box D096.0083: Series D096.13 [U186023289144]
Identifier: D096.13.0083
Overview This box contains several pieces of memorabilia, including: cloth banners; a clock that says "Time to Square Dance"; a large square of (possibly silk) cloth with pictures of square dancers; two large pieces of cloth with dozens of pins attached to them.
Dates: 1850-2007

Box 87: Pins, Badges, and Ribbons

 File — Box D096.0087: Series D096.13 [U186023289267]
Identifier: D096.13.0087
Overview This box contains pins, ribbons, and badges, including: "4th Annual Square Wheels"; "Nite Owl"; "Float the Float"; "Dancing Bears"; "Coffee Grinders Summer Fun"; "Mad for Marv"; "Holland America Westours"; "9th Aloha State Square Dance Convention 1973"; and "Show Off".
Dates: 1850-2007

Box 90: Peggy Lewis Scrapbook

 File — Box D096.0090: Series D096.06 [U186023289314]
Identifier: D096.06.0090
Overview This box contains Peggy Lewis's Folk Dance Scrapbook (with some water damage), and a long black ribbon with Peggy's pins on it.
Dates: 1850-2007

Box 92: Memorabilia

 File — Box D096.0092: Series D096.13 [U186023289380]
Identifier: D096.13.0092
Overview Box 92 contains two (2) painted wooden blocks showing dancing couples; a glass-fronted plaque presented to Doc and Kris Litchman who founded the Wagon Wheels square dancing group; a framed pressed leather decoration that says "Joy" and "Love" with dancing figures in the middle made by Frank Zahrtman; five (5) plastic license-plate-esque decorations from various Chicago-area square dancing groups; a plaque with a silver spur in it, given to Lloyd Shaw for his contributions to square dancing; a...
Dates: 1850-2007

Box 94: Pins and Ribbons

 File — Box D096.0094: Series D096.13 [U186023289364]
Identifier: D096.13.0094
Overview This box contains pins and ribbons, including: "Dancing Bears", "Wheels Chains Walnut", "Disneyland's Country Spectacular", "Whittier Tanglefeet", "Snow Bunny", "Corn Huskers", and "Grin-N-Square It Spaghetti Stomp".
Dates: 1850-2007

Box 95: Memorabilia

 File — Box D096.0095: Series D096.13 [U186023289356]
Identifier: D096.13.0095
Overview This box contains four (4) cassette tapes, mostly of square dance music; one (1) large piece of fabric covered in square dancing pins; a copy of the Joint Resolution signed by Ronald Reagan designating Square Dancing as the National Folk Dance for 1982-1983; a small blue glass ashtray from the 13th National Square Dance Convention; a small wooden Member plaque for the Western Square Dance Association; several small flags; one (1) black and gold fabric flag that says "Happy Squares"; and one (1)...
Dates: 1850-2007


Identifier: D096.13
Scope and Contents This series contains badges, ribbons, buttons, ticket stubs, photographs, event invitations, posters, and artwork.
Dates: 1850-2007