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Montreal (Quebec)

Subject Source: Library of Congress Name Authority File

Found in 73 Collections and/or Records:

Letter from J. Madvinsky to JCRS, 1909 March 11

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0114.00040
Abstract Handwritten letter to an unknown Sir from JCRS from "J. Midvinsky [Madvinsky] c/o H. Feigleson 32 St. Chas Borronvill St. Montreal, Can." dated, "March 11th 1909." [sic]. Mr. Madvinsky expresses concern for his wife and wants to know how she is getting along in the JCRS Sanatorium. The letter is signed by J. Midvinsky [Madvinsky].
Dates: 1909 March 11

Letter from Nathan Gordon to C.D. Spivak, 1909 May 18

Identifier: B002.01.0101.0067.00014
Abstract Typed letter from Nathan Gordon in Montreal, Canada to C.D. Spivak in Denver, Colorado informs that Harry Benjamin's friends have appealed to Gordon to write to Spivak on Benjamin's behalf. Informs that Gordon has looked into the necessity of sending Benjamin to Denver and Benjamin's doctor in Montreal revealed that he is in the "inceptive stage of tuberculosis" and so nothing but treatment in Denver will help. Gordon requests that Spivak do whatever he can to get Benjamin admitted to the...
Dates: 1909 May 18

Letter from P. Solomovitz to C.D. Spivak, 1910 February 14

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0022.00002
Abstract Typed letter from P. Solomovitz (husband of Sarah Solomovitz) addressed to C.D. Spivak Jewish Consumptive Relief Society 1421 Court Place. Denver Colo. thanking Dr. Spivak for admitting Mrs. Solomovitz to the sanatorium. Letter is signed P. Solomovitz.
Dates: 1910 February 14

Letter: History of [the] Case of Mrs. Sophia Madvinsky, undated

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0114.00004
Abstract Typed letter by an unknown author explaining the history of the case of Mrs. Sophia Madvinsky. The letter explains that after much correspondence with Rabbi H. Abramowitz of Montreal, Mrs. Madvinsky will go to Claegra [Calgary] Canada to be with her husband Jacob Madvinsky, and that $10.00 was lent to Mrs. Madvinsky by Mr. S.P. Rosenbaum for the train ride. The letter is not signed.
Dates: undated

Letter to Dr. Abramowitz from Dr. Spivak, 1909 November 08

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0114.00024
Abstract Typed letter to "Rev. Dr. H. Abramowitz, Nat'l. Dir., Jewish Cons. Relief Society, 17 Hutchison St., Montreal, Canada" from Dr. Spivak dated "Nov. 8/09" [sic]. The letter begins by saying Mr. Madvinsky's "atitude [attitude] towards his wife...[is] inexcusable one" in that he has not answered any of the letters regarding his wife [sic]. The letter also relays the message that JCRS would be happy if Mrs. Madvinsky left the Sanatorium, as there are many people suffering, and Mrs. Madvinsky is...
Dates: 1909 November 08

Letter to Dr. Abramowitz from Dr. Spivak, 1909 September 22

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0114.00029
Abstract Typed letter to "Rev. Dr. H. Abramowitz, Nat'l. Director, Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society, 17 Hutchinson [Hutchison] Street, Montreal, Canada" from Dr. Spivak dated "Sept. 22, 1909" [sic]. Dr. Spivak warns Dr. Abramowitz that Mrs. Madvinsky's general condition has not changed, but her lungs are better. He goes on to say it will do no use to keep Mrs. Madvinsky at the Sanatorium, and that she should reunite with her husband [Mr. Madvinsky] and children. The letter is not signed but Secretary...
Dates: 1909 September 22

Letter to Dr. Abramowitz from Dr. Spivak, 1908 December 09

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0114.00049
Abstract Typed letter to "Rev. H. Abramowitz, Nat'l. Director, Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society, 17 Hutchinson [Hutchison] St., Montreal, Cana." from Dr. Spivak dated "Dec. 9, 1908" [sic]. The letter is a response to Abramowitz asking for two patients to be admitted to JCRS. Dr. Spivak states the problem of overcrowding in the JCRS Sanatorium, and that new applicants must be able to afford board and lodging while awaiting admission. The letter is not signed but Secretary is typed at the bottom.
Dates: 1908 December 09

Letter to Dr. Fish from Dr. Spivak, 1909 November 8

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0114.00022
Abstract Typed letter to "Dr. J. B. Fish, Supt., Sanatorium J.C.R.S., Edgewater, CO" from Dr. Spivak dated "Nov. 8, 1909" [sic]. The letter states, "At the request of Rev. Dr. H. Abramowitz, of Montreal, we have extended the stay of Mrs. S. Madvinsky until Jan. 1st" [sic]. The letter is not signed but Secretary is typed at the bottom.
Dates: 1909 November 8

Letter to Dr. Spivack [Spivak] from Dr. Abramowitz, 1909 October 31

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0114.00025
Abstract Handwritten letter to Doctor Spivack [Dr. Spivak] from H. Abramowitz on typed letterhead that states "Rev. Dr. H. Abramowitz THE STUDY 17 Hitchison Street Montreal" dated "October 31. 1909" [sic]. Abramowitz explains Mr. Madvinsky's predicament to Dr. Spivak, saying that Mr. Madvinsky is a poor carpenter and work is scarce. Mr. Madvinsky can hardly afford the travel costs to Denver to see his wife, and is not connected to any work opportunities in Denver. Abramowitz asks Spivak for help in this...
Dates: 1909 October 31

Letter to Dr. Spivack [Spivak] from H. Abramowitz, 1910 May 05

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0114.00008
Abstract A handwritten letter headed, "Rev. Dr. H. Abramowitz, THE STUDY, 17 Hutchinson Street, Montreal" to Doctor Spivack [Spivak] dated May 5th, 1910 [sic]. In the letter Abramowitz informs Dr. Spivak of a complication with Mr. Madvinsky and his documents, causing a week's delay for Mr. Madvinsky's departure for Denver. Abramowitz states that Mr. Madvinsky will be in Montreal just a little while longer and that JCRS should keep taking care of his wife until he arrives in Denver. The letter signed by...
Dates: 1910 May 05