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Account books

Subject Source: Library Of Congress Genre/Form Terms
Scope Note: Public Note: See also AAT: Journals (Accounts) when also applicable See Also From: Journals (Accounts)

Found in 16 Collections and/or Records:

Wrapped Object 101 (Disbursement Ledgers), 1967-1973

 File — Object B258.02.0101: Series B258.02 [Barcode: U186023292202]
Identifier: B258.02.0101

(2) Disbursement Ledgers: 1967-1970 and 1970-1973.

Dates: 1967-1973

Wrapped Object 102 (Disbursement Ledger), 1974-1976

 File — Object B258.02.0102: Series B258.02 [Barcode: U186023292414]
Identifier: B258.02.0102

Disbursement Ledger, 1974-1976.

Dates: 1974-1976

Wrapped Object 103 (Cash Receipts Ledgers), 1978-1982

 File — Object B258.02.0103: Series B258.02 [Barcode: U186023292529]
Identifier: B258.02.0103

(2) Cash Receipts Ledgers: 1978-1981 and 1982-1983.

Dates: 1978-1982

Wrapped Object 104 (General Account Ledger), 1983-1984

 File — Object B258.02.0104: Series B258.02 [Barcode: U186023292634]
Identifier: B258.02.0104

General Account Ledger from 1983-1984.

Dates: 1983-1984

Wrapped Object 105 (Payroll Ledger), 1963-1966

 File — Object B258.02.0105: Series B258.02 [Barcode: U186023292749]
Identifier: B258.02.0105

Payroll Ledger, 1963-1966.

Dates: 1963-1966

Wrapped Object 106 (General Account Ledger), 1963-1956

 File — Object B258.02.0106: Series B258.02 [Barcode: U186023292228]
Identifier: B258.02.0106

General Account Ledger, 1963-1964.

Dates: 1963-1956