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Soviet Union

Subject Source: Lcnaf

Found in 925 Collections and/or Records:

Adzhap Mamedova 1--frid03467, 1949

Identifier: frid03467
Overview Woman, Adzhap Mamedova, member of the CPSU(B), sitting at desk talking on phone. Map on wall. (Photographer's assistant (?) hands holding something on left edge of photograph.)

Adzhap Mamedova 2--frid03468, 1949

Identifier: frid03468
Overview Chairman of "Medinist" kolkhoz Oraz Annaberdi meeting Mjulk-Uchrug… chairman, Adzhap Mamedova. They are sitting at the same desk in image frid03467.

Aerial view Bukhara, Uzbekistan 2--frid02817

Identifier: frid02817
Overview Closer aerial view possibly of Kolan Mosque in Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

Aga Jusup Aliev--frid02125, 1949

Identifier: frid02125
Overview Aga Jusup Aliev, in suit with medals, sitting at table in library with librarian Bibi standing next to him holding book. Books on table.

Altai, agricultural machinery being repaired 1--frid06771

Identifier: frid06771
Overview Two men repairing a dump rake. Hands of another worker visible on left.

Altai, an old woman eating--frid06724

Identifier: frid06724
Overview Older woman sitting outside (?) with a bowl and a finger in her mouth. She is wearing sheepskin hat and coat.

Altai children--frid06759

Identifier: frid06759
Overview Three children sitting on ground, two beside each other, one in front. Two beside each other facing away from the camera, one in front turning to look.

Altai, kids on the mountain--frid06720

Identifier: frid06720
Overview Two boys close up facing right with mountain in background.

Altai Oirat University students with sign--frid03821

Identifier: frid03821
Overview Several men and women standing together, two holding large banner.