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Philadelphia (Pa.)

Subject Source: Library of Congress Name Authority File

Found in 43 Collections and/or Records:

Bela Fried, 1892

Identifier: B063.08.0008.00066

Studio portrait of Bela Fried.

Dates: 1892

Bella Lewitzky Dance Company, 1974

Identifier: D002.01.0001.0050.00001

Dancers of the Bella Lewitzky Dance Company perform in the production of Lewitzky's ''Spaces Between.''

Dates: 1974

Dr. Charles Spivak and Jennie Charsky in Philadelphia, 1892 September

Identifier: B250.01.0003.00001
Scope and Contents From the Collection: The collection materials include biographical information on Dr. Charles and Jennie Spivak, a family tree chart, a Yiddish dictionary written by Dr. C. D. Spivak and Soloman Bloomgarden (Yehoash), correspondence and articles written by Charles Spivak. The collection also includes memorials to Charles Spivak, including the special memorial issue of the JCRS publication, "The Sanatorium." The collection also contains art by H. David Spivak, son of Charles and Jennie Spivak, including an oil...
Dates: 1892 September

Grand Concert and Ball Advertisement, 1905 May 7

Identifier: B002.01.0101.0107.00005
Abstract Advertisement that reads "Grand Concert and Ball" it is being produced by the Denver Consumptive Aid Association of Phila. on Sunday Eve, May 7th, 1905. It states that "A New York well known speaker will address, Russian Chorus will particiapate, Professional talents will participate." The concert will start at 8 o'clock sharp and dancing will be until 3 am. Tickets are advertised as $.10. On the back of this advertisement has a pink inked stamp. It reads "Denver, Consumption Aid of...
Dates: 1905 May 7

Isadore Elkan and Anna Freudenthal Solomon, 1997

Identifier: B111.09.0009.0012
Scope and Contents I. E. (Isadore Elkan) Solomon was born on May 23, 1841 in Kruschwitz, Prussia and moved to Pennsylvania in 1858. He became a US citizen in 1865 and married Anna Freudenthal in 1872 after meeting her in Poland. They moved to Arizona with their three children in 1876, opening a store shortly afterward in the town that came to be known as Solomonville. The town grew, and the Solomon Commercial Company incorporated more and more items and industries, selling automobiles and opening a flour mill,...
Dates: 1997

Letter from C. Lipshutz to C.D. Spivak, 1909 December 06

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0041.00003

Handwritten letter in pen with Denver Consumptive Aid Association letterhead from Charles Lipshutz to Dr. Charles Spivak, in which he recommends David Melnicoff. Letter is signed by Chas. Lipshutz.

Dates: 1909 December 06

Letter from C.D. Spivak to B. Schneiderman, 1907 November 4

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0139.00008

Typed letter from C.D. Spivak to B. Schneiderman informing her that her husband, Frank Schneiderman was invited for admission to the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society. Spivak trusts that Schneiderman's stay at JCRS will be beneficial for his health. He signs the letter "Secretary" at the bottom.

Dates: 1907 November 4

Letter from C.D. Spivak to C. Lipshutz, 1910 May 18

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0041.00007

Typed letter from Dr. Charles Spivak to Chas. Lipshutz, 327 Manton Street, Philadelphia, Pa., in which he informs him they invited David Melnicoff, whom he recommended, to the sanatorium. Letter is unsigned but "Secretary" is typed at bottom.

Dates: 1910 May 18

Letter from C.D. Spivak to H. Ricklin, 1906 May 17

Identifier: B002.01.0101.0107.00007

Typed letter from C.D. Spivak in Denver, Colorado, to H. Ricklin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, stating that Mr. Krasanapolski [Kress] left the JCRS Sanatorium a fortnight ago. Kress believes that he can make a better living if he could buy a horse and wagon, and that his health is very fair. Spivak is asking Ricklin if he can help with anything. Letter is unsigned but "Secretary" is typed at the bottom.

Dates: 1906 May 17

Letter from C.D. Spivak to H. Ricklin, 1905 September 5

Identifier: B002.01.0101.0107.00015
Abstract Typed letter from C.D. Spivak in Denver, Colorado, to Mr. H. Ricklin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, stating that Mr. Rubin Krasonapolski [Ruben Kress] has been admitted into the JCRS Sanatorium. Spivak is hoping that Ricklin has recieved his invite to the "laying of the Cornerstone of the Administration Building at the Sanatorium of the Jewish Consumptives Relief Society." Spivak is hoping that Ricklin can find someone from Philadelphia to be present at the ceremony and to send a telegram as...
Dates: 1905 September 5