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Subject Source: Library of Congress Name Authority File

Found in 63 Collections and/or Records:

Arie Taylor for Colorado Reflections

Identifier: couda-taylor
Abstract Originally from Ohio Arie Taylor moved to Colorado in 1958. Taylor reflects on her time in the Air Force and encountering segregation and discrimination. The first Black woman legislator in Colorado, Taylor discusses her reasons for getting involved in politics, particularly her experiences as a Black woman and her encounters with racism. Discusses racial tensions in Denver in July of 1968, which resulted in protests and community clashes with police and Arie Taylor's arrest. Taylor reflects on...
Dates: Date Not Yet Determined

Copy of Letter from C.D. Spivak to Mr. A.S. Newman, 1909 October 18

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0037.00004
Abstract Copy of typed letter from C.D. Spivak in Denver, Colorado, to Mr. A.S. Newman, Secretary of Hebrew Relief Society in Cleveland, Ohio. Letter states that in regards to Mr. Greenstein, who claims that he was recently discharged from the Sanatorium of the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society and applied for assistance, will say that they have had a great deal of trouble from this man. Spivak states that he considers him a schnorer from schnorerland. Letter states that they have received a similar...
Dates: 1909 October 18


Identifier: B002.01.0099.0023.00014
Abstract Handwritten envelope with United States two cents embossed stamp and not dated. The envelope reads, "A. Klivans, Toledo, Ohio." The item is not signed.
Dates: 1907-1908

Introduction of Mrs. Stella Alperin, President of the Cleveland Auxiliary, and Hyman J. Alperin, National Trustee, undated

Identifier: B089.02.0005.0001.00003
Abstract Four paragraph introduction of Mrs. Stella Alperin, who was president of the Cleveland Auxiliary, and her husband, Hyman J. Alperin, National Trustee.
Dates: undated

Letter form C.D. Spivak to Samuel Margolies, 1909 April 16

Identifier: B002.01.0101.0034.00012
Abstract Typed letter from C.D. Spivak in Denver, Colorado to Rabbi Samuel Margolies in Cleveland, Ohio informs that Mr. David Gordon, in whose welfare Spivak knows Samuel Margolies is interested in, has been invited to enter the Sanatorium of JCRS to regain his health. Letter is unsigned but "Secretary" is typed at the bottom.
Dates: 1909 April 16

Letter from Abe Gutnick to C.D. Spivak, 1910 February 15

Identifier: B002.01.0101.0044.00004
Abstract Handwritten letter in black ink on Isidore Hurwitz Library letterhead from Abe Gutnick in Edgewater, Colorado to C.D. Spivak in Denver, Colorado thanks Spivak for giving Abe Gutnick the $15.00 for transportation home to Cleveland, Ohio. Gutnick informs that he leaves the Sanatorium Wednesday morning and expresses his gratitude to both Spivak and the administration. Gutnick provides his home address as #2358 E. 39th St., Cleveland, Ohio. Letter is signed by A. Gutnick.
Dates: 1910 February 15

Letter from A.S. Newman to The Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society, 1909 October 1

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0037.00005
Abstract Typed letter on Hebrew Relief Association letterhead from A.S. Newman in Cleveland, Ohio, to The Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society in Denver, Colorado. Letter states that Meyer Greenstein, thirty-one years of age, claims he was recently dicharged from the Denver Sanatarium and requests their assistance. Letter states that they would greatly appreciate being informed of whether this is the case, and give them any information concerning him which they may have. Letter requests to kindly inform...
Dates: 1909 October 1

Letter from Bela Gutnick to C.D. Spivak, 1909 April 29

Identifier: B002.01.0101.0044.00015
Abstract Handwritten letter in black ink from Bela Gutnick in Cleveland, Ohio to C.D. Spivak in Denver, Colorado expresses her great gratitude for JCRS taking her son into the Sanatorium. Gutnick informs that she will keep the organization and Spivak in her prayers and requests that Spivak ask Abe Gutnick write her. Letter is signed by Bela Gutnick.
Dates: 1909 April 29

Letter from Boris Bogen to C.D. Spivak, 1909 November 30

Identifier: B002.01.0101.0052.00002
Abstract Typed letter from Boris D. Bogen in Cincinnati, Ohio to C.D. Spivak in Denver, Colorado informs that Bogen has received previous correspondence and informs that he has presented Spivak's letter to the board of the United Jewish Charities of Cincinnati. Informs that the board has decided to assume the responsibility by placing Minnie Kondritzer in a sanatorium and eventually to send her to a warmer climate. Bogen informs that in another letter he has sent a "copy of the Israelite containing my...
Dates: 1909 November 30

Letter from Boris Bogen to Philip Hillkowitz, 1909 November 4

Identifier: B002.01.0101.0052.00004
Abstract Typed letter from Boris D. Bogen in Cincinnati, Ohio to Dr. Philip Hillkowitz in Denver, Colorado informs that Bogen is writing regarding a friend, Mrs. Minnie Kondritzer. Informs that Bogen is anxious to give Kondritzer a change of climate and after discussion Bogen assures that the board of United Jewish Charities will place Mrs. Kondritzer in a pay Sanatorium in Denver for four weeks. Bogen informs that if the physicians at the Sanatorium advise her to move to a lower altitude they will do...
Dates: 1909 November 4