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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Here are entered works on clothing treated as an artistic object, as well as works on clothing created for the stage, screen, or special events. Works on the utilitarian aspects of clothing, including works on how to dress, are entered under [Clothing and dress.]

Found in 153 Collections and/or Records:

Box 6: "Kiva" and "Halloween" Costumes, 1995-2006

 File — Box D075.0006: Series D075.04 [U186023267744]
Identifier: D075.04.0006
Overview This box contains costumes from Speaking of Dance's performance "Kiva: What Do We Hold Sacred" (2006) and "Halloween" (1995-2000). "Kiva: What Do We Hold Sacred" was a dance created for the 100th anniversary of Mesa Verde National Park. The patterns on the costumes reference pottery designs of the ancient Puebloans. Costumes were designed by Janetta Turner. Choreography by Deborah Reshotko. "Halloween" was a production performed with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. Costumes included yellow and...
Dates: 1995-2006

Box 64: Square Dance Costumes

 File — Box D096.0064: Series D096.01 [U186023288910]
Identifier: D096.01.0064
Overview This box contains (1) yellow decorated skirt and shirt outfit, (1) white peasant blouse, and (1) purple dress.
Dates: 1850-2007

Box 68: Square Dance Costumes and Shirts

 File — Box D096.0068: Series D096.01 [U186023288960]
Identifier: D096.01.0068
Overview This box contains (3) dresses: one green and white, one white and black, one green and gold; it also contains three white petticoats, (2) t-shirts that say "I'd rather be square dancing": one is white and one is blue; (1) sweatshirt that says "Square Dancers have found their calling" on the front, "Allemande Left" on the left sleeve, and "Chase Right" on the right sleeve; and (1) white shirt that says "Square Dancing Give it a Whirl".
Dates: 1850-2007

Box 69: Petticoats

 File — Box D096.0069: Series D096.01 [U186023288978]
Identifier: D096.01.0069
Overview This box contains several petticoats for square dancing, most donated by Mrs. Vin Schaeffer of New Jersey.
Dates: 1850-2007

Box 7: "Carnival of Animals" and "Spring Night's Moon" Costumes, 2003-2005

 File — Box D075.0007: Series D075.04 [U186023267752]
Identifier: D075.04.0007
Overview This box contains costumes for Speaking of Dance performances "Carnival of the Animals" and "Spring Night's Moon." "Carnival of the Animals" includes 3 categories of costumes (Poules et coqs, Aquarium, Le coucou au fond des bois). Poules et coqs costumes consists of (1) dark burgandy backed tulle rooster ruff, (2) yellow and red chick "butts," and (2) red and yellow headbands. Aquarium consists of (6) arm bands with flowing blue and red pieces. Le coucou au fonds des bois costumes...
Dates: 2003-2005

Box 8: "The Snitches" and "Whales" Costumes, 2000

 File — Box D075.0008: Series D075.04 [U186023263588]
Identifier: D075.04.0008
Overview This box contains costumes for Speaking of Dances performances of "The Sneetches" and "Whales." "Sneetches costumes consist of (2) yellow stuffed costumes with felt yellow hats, white neck ruffs, and green stars. Costumes were created by Wendy Joy Felker. Choreography by Deborah Reshotko. "Whales" costumes include (2) blue hats with white spouts. Costumes created by Wendy Joy Felker. Choreography by Deborah Reshotko.
Dates: 2000

Box 85: Square Dance Costumes

 File — Box D096.0085: Series D096.01 [U186023289241]
Identifier: D096.01.0085
Overview This box contains (1) blue and silver dress; (1) white lace petticoat; (1) California state flag shrug/shawl with many pins on it. It also contains (1) red velvet apron embroidered with flowers; (1) blue and red skirt with a flower pattern; (1) red skirt with blue flowers; (1) black skirt with red lining; (1) red, blue, green,, and yellow paisley skirt; (1) sleeveless black dress with white pattern; and (3) white petticoats.
Dates: 1850-2007

Box 91: Square Dance Costumes

 File — Box D096.0091: Series D096.01 [U186023289291]
Identifier: D096.01.0091
Overview This box contains (1) tan t-shirt with blue and green square dancing figures on it, (1) blue and white overdress, (1) white peasant blouse in eyelet cotton, (1) dark blue apron, (1) navy skirt with green and black leaves embroidered, (1) green jacket with gold buttons and navy blue trimming.
Dates: 1850-2007

Campbell, Patton, 1976-1988

Identifier: M123.03.0188.0043
Overview Folder contains resume and photographic material concerning CCOHA costume designer, Patton Campbell. Mr. Campbell was the costume designer for the 1976, 1981, and 1988 festival productions of 'The Ballad of Baby Doe.'
Dates: 1976-1988

Charles Le Maire Costume Designs

Identifier: M123.05.0175.0002
Overview Five (5) images from the 'Captain from Castile' and seventeen (17) images from an unknown production designed by artist Charles Le Maire.
Dates: 1850-2008