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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: See also: subdivision -- Music under ethnic groups for music of the group; and subdivision -- Songs and music under names of persons, corporate bodies, places, classes of persons, ethnic groups, wars, and topical headings for collections or single works of vocal or instrumental music about the topic or entity.

Found in 19 Collections and/or Records:

'Autumn Leaves', 1947-1950

Identifier: M123.05.0169.0004.00004
Overview Vocal and piano score for the piece 'Autumn Leaves' based on 'Les Feuilles Mortes' by composer Joseph Kosma, french lyrics by Jacques Prevert and english lyrics by Johnny Mercer published by Capitol Publications, Inc.
Dates: 1947-1950

'Bill' from Show Boat, 1927

Identifier: M123.05.0169.0004.00002
Overview Vocal and piano score for the piece 'Bill' from the musical Show Boat, music written by Jerome Kern, Book and Lyrics by Oscan Hammerstein II and P.G. Wodehouse. Printed on from of score ' Bill - Florenz Ziegfeld presents Show Boat, adapted from Edna Ferber's novel of the same name, book & lyrics by Oscar Hammerstain 2nd, music by Jerome Kern, ensembels & dances by Sammy Lee, settings by Joseph Urban.'
Dates: 1927

'In the Still of the Night' from Rosalie, 1937

Identifier: M123.05.0169.0004.00003
Overview Vocal and piano score for the piece 'In the Still of the Night' composed in 1937 for the film Rosalie words and music by Cole Porter and published by Chappell & Co. Cover of score has black and white picture of actors Nelson Eddy and Eleanor Powell who performed in the 1937 film adaptation of the musical.
Dates: 1937

'Mountains', 1930

Identifier: M123.05.0169.0004.00005
Overview Vocal and piano score (6 pages of music) for the piece 'Mountains' composed by Oscar Rasbach and published by G. Schirmer, Inc.
Dates: 1930

Pages from Massenet 'Werther', 1887

Identifier: M123.05.0169.0004.00006
Overview Pages (pg. 141-150, 157-169) from a vocal and piano reduction of the score for the opera 'Werther' composed by Jules Massenet in 1887. Music is from act III of the opera and is from the aria 'Werther! Qui m'aurait dit.'
Dates: 1887

Sheet Music - Acclamations of the Mass

Identifier: M123.05.0169.0001.00002
Overview Vocal part (10 pages of music) to the composition 'Acclamations of the Mass - for unaccompanied choir' by Normand Lockwood scored for soprano, alto, tenor and bass voice. Handwritten on top of the copied park in black ink, 'To my esteemed friend, Austin C. Lovelace.' Austin was a church musician in the Denver area and Lockwood was an american composer who was a professor at the University of Denver from 1961-1974.
Dates: 1850-1957

Sheet Music - 'Bel Demonio'

Identifier: M123.05.0169.0002.00006
Overview Piano score (5 pages of music) for the piece 'Bel Demonio Gallop' composed by Eugenie Rice and published by Lee & Walker in 1865. Printed on front of score ' Bel Demonio Grand Galop, composed for the Piano Forte by Eugenie Rice, Philadelphia Lee & Walker 722 Chestnut St.' handwritten in pencil on cover ' Miss Sarah Firth, Sarah Firth Esq., Phillipsburg N.J.'
Dates: 1850-1957

Sheet Music - 'Champagne Charlie', 1868

Identifier: M123.05.0169.0001.00005
Overview Piano and vocal part (3 pages of music) for the piece 'Champagne Charlie' composed by W.D. Raphaelson. Printed on cover of score: 'Songs of the Day, Champagne Charliem Captain Jinks, Not for Joe, Pretty Louise the Flying Trapezze, New York, Published by F.L. Peters 198 Broadway.'
Dates: 1868

Sheet Music - 'Colorado 'Vacation Paradise'', 1950

Identifier: M123.05.0169.0001.00001
Overview Piano and vocal part (3 pages of music) to the piece 'Colorado - Vacation Paradise' with music composed by Dorothy Taylor Miller and words by Jesse Taylor. Cover reads: 'Colorado - Vacation Paradise,' Pike's Peak 14110 Colorado Springs, Mt Evans 14260 Denver, Mt. Holy Cross 13996 Greeley, Copyright 1950 by Jesse Taylor, Denver, Colorado. All rights reserved, including records, radio and television.'
Dates: 1950

Sheet Music - 'Flowers if the South'

Identifier: M123.05.0169.0002.00001
Overview Piano and vocal part (3 pages of music) for the piece 'The Missletoe Bough' composed by Henry R. Bishop and published by G. Willis Baltimore. Cover of score reads 'Flowers of the South, A collection of Popular Ballards by Various Authors,' first page of score reads 'The Missletoe Bough Sung by Mr. Sinclair, The poetry by Thomas Haynes Bayly Esq. The Symphonies and Accompaniment composed and arranged by Henry Bishop. Published by G. Willis Baltimore.' Handwritten in pencil on front of score:...
Dates: 1850-1957