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Jewish hospitals

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 137 Collections and/or Records:

Box 368, between 1910-1925

 File — Box B002.04.0368: Series B002.04 [U186023257927]
Identifier: B002.04.0368
Overview 2 black and white photographs. Patient sitting on bed in a ward with windows open with a nurse beside him. Patient on an examiniation table with a doctor and nurse.
Dates: between 1910-1925

Box 369, circa 1930

 File — Box B002.04.0369: Series B002.04 [U186023257935]
Identifier: B002.04.0369
Overview 2 framed black and white photos. One shows a large number of patients in beds outside receiving heliotheorpy with a nurse attending to them. The other shows a female patient on a table with a doctor and nurse attending to her.
Dates: circa 1930

Box 370, between 1910-1928

 File — Box B002.04.0370: Series B002.04 [U186023257943]
Identifier: B002.04.0370
Overview The Mt. Pleasant branch of Cleveland and Denver Consumptive Aid Society poster with 15 headshots of women. Poster of the Saint Louis Ladies' Auxilary J.C.R.S. of Denver, 21st anniversary, December 10, 1928.
Dates: between 1910-1928

Box 371, between 1910-1920

 File — Box B002.04.0371: Series B002.04 [U186023257951]
Identifier: B002.04.0371
Overview 1 framed black and white photo of heliotherapy. 1 frame collage of three photographs of the bookbindery and printing shop (1934). 3 sheets of the architectural plans for the Issac Solomon Synagogue.
Dates: between 1910-1920

Box 372, 1935

 File — Object B002.04.0372: Series B002.04 [U186023257969]
Identifier: B002.04.0372
Overview 20th Annual Convention of the J.C.R.S. of Denver, Colorado at the White House in Washington, D.C. on May 30, 1924.
Dates: 1935

Box 373, 1937

 File — Frame B002.04.0373: Series B002.04 [U186023257985]
Identifier: B002.04.0373
Overview 1 framed color photo of the J.C.R.S. campus from 1937 with tents for patients.
Dates: 1937

Box 374, 1906

 File — Frame B002.04.0374: Series B002.04 [U186023257993]
Identifier: B002.04.0374
Overview Large framed black and white photo of J.C.R.S. campus showing building and tents from 1906.
Dates: 1906

Box 375, circa 1920

 File — Frame B002.04.0375: Series B002.04 [U186023258004]
Identifier: B002.04.0375
Overview Large framed black and white photo of a group in front of a building at J.C.R.S. in the 1920's.
Dates: circa 1920

Box 376, 1925

 File — Frame B002.04.0376: Series B002.04 [U186023258012]
Identifier: B002.04.0376
Overview Large framed black and white panoramic photograph of the JCRS Sanatorium in Denver, Colorado in 1925.
Dates: 1925

Box 378, circa 1910

 File — Frame B002.04.0378: Series B002.04 [U186023258038]
Identifier: B002.04.0378
Overview Large framed black and white photograph of a pharmasist in front of bottles of medicine.
Dates: circa 1910