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Architectural documents

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Papers, drawings, plans, letters, and other documents, either hard copy or digital, having to do with the construction of buildings, usually originating in an architect's office.

Found in 14 Collections and/or Records:

Architectural and Construction Drawings and Documents, 2002-2007

Identifier: B353.06.0002.0014

Architectural and construction drawings,documents and specifications.

Dates: 2002-2007

Box 5: Architectural Plans, 1980

 File — Box D001.0005: Series D001.07 [Barcode: U186023263295]
Identifier: D001.07.0005

This box contains architectural plans for the Carson Brierly Giffin Dance Library at CWC.

Dates: 1980

Penrose Library , November 1971

 File — Folder U123.02.0128: Series U123.02 [Barcode: U186023299539]
Identifier: U123.02.0128

Penrose Architectural plans, including pricing plans, underfloor plans, power and lighting plans.

Dates: November 1971

Penrose Library, April 1971

 File — Folder U123.02.0129: Series U123.02 [Barcode: U186023299547]
Identifier: U123.02.0129

Penrose architecutral plans, including site plans, elevation, and details. Permit paperwork

Dates: April 1971

Penrose Library, September 1971

 File — Folder U123.02.0130: Series U123.02 [Barcode: U186023299652]
Identifier: U123.02.0130

Penrose architectural plans, including revisions of folder .0129.

Dates: September 1971

Penrose Library, 1971

 File — Folder U123.02.0131: Series U123.02 [Barcode: U186023299644]
Identifier: U123.02.0131

Penrose Library, 1971

 File — Folder U123.02.0132: Series U123.02 [Barcode: U186023299636]
Identifier: U123.02.0132

Penrose Library, 1971

 File — Folder U123.02.0133: Series U123.02 [Barcode: U186023299628]
Identifier: U123.02.0133

Penrose Library, 1971

 File — Folder U123.02.0134: Series U123.02 [Barcode: U186023299610]
Identifier: U123.02.0134

Penrose Library , 1971

 File — Folder U123.02.0136: Series U123.02 [Barcode: U186023299597]
Identifier: U123.02.0136