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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Pianists Fortepianists Piano players

Found in 51 Collections and/or Records:

Max Morath on Stage , 1971

Identifier: M123.03.0193.0002.00001
Abstract Black and white photograph of CCOHA pianist / performer, Max Morath, wearing hat and belted suit while performing on an unknown stage with a piano behind him.
Dates: 1971

Max Morath Seated at Piano , 1972

Identifier: M123.03.0193.0002.00002
Abstract Black and white photograph of CCOHA pianist / performer, Max Morath, seated at a piano with hands placed on keys while looking towards the camera. Hanging behind Max is portrait of unknown affiliate.
Dates: 1972

Max Morath Tipping Hat and Holding Cigar, 1971

Identifier: M123.03.0193.0002.00004
Abstract Black and white photograph of CCOHA pianist / performer, Max Morath, wearing a pin stripe suite, tipping a black hat towards the camera while holding a cigar in his left hand.
Dates: 1971

Mieczyslaw Munz (Polish Pianist)

Identifier: B367.03.0002.0016.00035
Abstract Mieczyslaw Munz (10-31-1900 to 8-25-1976) Polish-born American pianist and teacher (taught Emanuel Ax).
Dates: Majority of material found within 1917-1950

Mischa Levitzki, 1921 March 14

Identifier: B367.03.0002.0015.00006
Abstract Mischa Levitzki (5-25-1898 to 1-2-1941) Performed world wide and recorded extensively.
Dates: 1921 March 14

Morath, Max, 1971

Identifier: M123.03.0193.0002
Abstract Folder contains biographical material, CCOH press material, and photographic prints of Colorado Springs pianist / performer, Max Morath, who performed with the associtaion during the 1971 festival season in a production called 'At the Turn of the Century.'
Dates: 1971

Moritz Rosenthal, 1924 November 10

Identifier: B367.03.0002.0019.00006
Abstract Moriz Rosenthal (12-17-1986 to 9-3-1946) Polish pianist and composer, pupil of Franz Liszt.
Dates: 1924 November 10

Olietta Moore for Colorado Reflections

Identifier: couda-moore_olietta
Abstract Olietta Moore, born and raised in Colorado, reminisces on her childhood growing up in the Barnum neighborhood, opening of the Colfax Viaduct, and riding the Barnum streetcar. Discusses writing music, attending the University of Denver at the Lamont School of Music, and entertaining soldiers after World War I. Moore reflects on the creation of the Cosmopolitan Club, fighting against segregation, and the Klu Klux Klan in Denver. Briefly mentions her work as a hard rock miner.
Dates: Date Not Yet Determined

Oscar Levant (Pianist), 1945 February 20

Identifier: B367.03.0002.0015.00002
Abstract Oscar Levant (12-27-1906 to 8-14-1972) Composed music for more than 20 movies, acted in movies, had his own TV show and appeared as guest on tv.
Dates: 1945 February 20

Ossip Gabrilowitsch, 1922 April

Identifier: B367.03.0002.0010.00001
Abstract Ossip Gabrilowitsch (1878-1936) Russian-born American pianist, conductor, and composer. Married to Mark Twain's daughter Clara.
Dates: 1922 April