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Folk music

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: This heading is used as a genre/form heading for locally or regionally traditional music that was originally developed in performance and aurally transmitted in community contexts, and for music composed stylistically and/or ideologically within these traditions.

See also headings for music of individual instruments followed by the qualifier "(Folk)" and the subdivisions -- Methods (Folk) and -- Studies and exercises (Folk) under individual musical instruments and families of instruments

Found in 664 Collections and/or Records:

Box 7: Suit Jackets and Dress Shirt

 File — Box D059.0007: Series D059.03 [Barcode: U186023262671]
Identifier: D059.03.0007

This box contains (2) suit jackets and (1) heavily embroidered dress shirt.

Dates: 1928-2012

Box 8: Textiles

 File — Box D059.0008: Series D059.03 [Barcode: U186023262689]
Identifier: D059.03.0008

This box contains (1) t-shirt, (2) Bow ties, and (3) cumberbunds.

Dates: 1928-2012

Box 9: Royal Blue Suit

 File — Box D059.0009: Series D059.03 [Barcode: U186023262809]
Identifier: D059.03.0009

This box contains (1) suit consisting of a royal blue jacket and a pair of pants.

Dates: 1928-2012

Box 11: Basics-Calls, B. Johnson (37-102)

 File — Box D044.0011: Series D044.02 [Barcode: U186023250682]
Identifier: D044.02.0011
Abstract Box 11 contains subject file folders originally assembled by Bob Osgood. The subjects in this box are Basics; Basics S.D. Evolution; Becky; Beer, etc; Benefits of S.D.; Bibliography - S.D. Books; Big Heart of S.D.; Big Names; B. Litchman Silver Spur; Bob's Eye; Books; Books - History of S.D.; Book- Square Dances; Brundage, Al; Butenhof, Ed; Caller, The; Caller, Training; Callers Class Notes 1-6; Caller Lab; Callerlab 1976; Callerlab 2002; Callerlab History; Callerlab Milestones - Book Copy;...
Dates: 1960-1989

Box 12: Canada, Callers School-Costume

 File — Box D044.0012: Series D044.02 [Barcode: U186023250690]
Identifier: D044.02.0012
Abstract Box 12 contains subject file folders originally assembled by Bob Osgood. The subjects in this box are Canada - Callers School; Canada cent. S.D. Trains; Canadian Sq. & Rd. Dance Society; Cartoon Art; Castner, Bill; CDP - Now - Action; Celebrities; Celebrities; Century Club; Challenge; Changes in S.D.; Changeover - SIO ASDS; Children in S.D.; China - Nita Page; Choreography; Christian Science Monitor S.D. Articles; Civil War; Class Notes; Classes - Clubs; Clippings - S.D. Misc. Clogging;...
Dates: 1960-1989

Box 72: Audio Cassettes, 1972-1991

 File — Box D044.0072: Series D044.12 [Barcode: U186023273305]
Identifier: D044.12.0072
Abstract This box contains cassettes and (_____). Not all are labelled. Labelled objects are Glow Worm by Spike Jones, Osgood Biog. Tapes 1-5, #1 Callerlab Planning Conv. Summer ASIL '73, #2 Callerlab Conv. Planning Summer ASIL '73, 2 HRs - NH Aug 21-22 Brundage - Parrish Donnsson - Mayo 1973, Board Meeting - Sun. 2 PM, Banought Kaltenthaler, CL Final - #1 76, Final Meeting - 76, Wed AM, C.L. Archives Early Callerlab '73 at Asilomar, Callerlab '72 1 and 3, Callerlab '72 5 and 7, Callerlab '72 14 and...
Dates: 1972-1991

Box 73: Magnetic Reels, 1952-1972

 File — Box D044.0073: Series D044.12 [Barcode: U186023273363]
Identifier: D044.12.0073
Abstract This box contains magnetic reels. Not all are labelled. Labelled objects are Osgood calling in Ohio 1953, Pappy Shaw's speech to Federated Women's Clubs of America at Annual Convetion in Minneapolis Minn Spring of 1952 - Subject - The American Square Dance, Don Mills - Asil June '52, At the Party - Square Dance - Terry Golden Singing, Lecture on Calling - Rhythm, Ben Lovett #2, Save Contra Music 7/72, Footnotes before the Footlights 8 National Square Dance Conference, "Old Timer's Panel"...
Dates: 1952-1972

Box 74: Magnetic Reels, Records, and CDs, 1961-2004

 File — Box D044.0074: Series D044.12 [Barcode: U186023273169]
Identifier: D044.12.0074
Abstract This box contains magnetic reels, records, and CDs. Objects included are UCLA Dr. Rainman - Summary, 1959 Conv. Communications / 1960 Club Prob, 1955 Canada - Banff Planning, Don Mills - Asil - June '52, Lecture by Lee Helsel - Oklahoma Callers Clinic March 30 1963 - Tape No. 2, 1st Clubs & Assoc. - June '52 Asil, Caller's Session Asilomar '53, 7/3/53 Callers Meeting, Callers Meeting "How to get classes", Glenwood Springs 1960, Lecture by LeeHelsel - Oklahoma Callers Clinic March 30 1963...
Dates: 1961-2004

Box 75: Magnetic Reels, 1949-1953

 File — Box D044.0075: Series D044.12 [Barcode: U186023273339]
Identifier: D044.12.0075
Abstract This box contains magnetic reels. Not all are labelled. Labelled objects are Ayer - Powers, Looby - Reinhart, Lephone National Association, Eli Wheat, Ed Larkin - Chelsea, Ed Larkin, Asilomar - Townhall, Linda - November 1949, Ed Larkin Chelsea, Catalano Trials (?), Dick Richardson, Halton James Marlboro, Composite tape (combined) Don Armstrong & Quadrilles, Billy Foster, Linda's Fourth Birthday Party, Linda Oct 20 - 1953, Catalano, Mr & MRs Pritchard Mullen (?), June Beach, Lamar...
Dates: 1949-1953

Box 76: Magnetic Reels, 1958-1976

 File — Box D044.0076: Series D044.12 [Barcode: U186023273135]
Identifier: D044.12.0076
Abstract This box contains magnetic reels. Not all are labelled. Labelled objects are Australia (from Ross and Marie Ewen), Van Antwerp, Korea, Staeben #4, Japan, Japan - Tape from C. Cowden, First anniversary and beginner class graduation party, Bob Osgood Colorado Springs - Colorado, Brockett Letter of Feb '58, Wheeling Dance Club, Bob Osgood - Virginia Reel - Et - Fiddle Tunes - Mocking Bird w/ Buddy, Contras to Bob Osgood, 250th Program - Square Dance Review, Meeting at Osgoods (7-13-64), Contra...
Dates: 1958-1976