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Tuberculosis -- Hospitals -- Denver (Colo.)

Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 4394 Collections and/or Records:

Letter from T.B. Sachs, 1910 October 06

Identifier: B002.01.0103.0083.00002
Overview Handwritten letter by Dr. Theodore B. Sachs, writing that Mr. Harry Barron has tuberculosis and should find treatment in a Sanatorium out west. Letter is signed and dated.
Dates: 1910 October 06

Letter from T.B. Sachs to JCRS, 1909 May 9

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0129.00002
Overview Handwritten letter from Theodore B. Sachs to JCRS. Sachs begins the letter by stating that he has come into frequent contact with Mr. Emil Lautenbach for about a year. He continues to say that Lautenbach is an intelligent, industrious, and reliable young man. The letter is signed, “Truly yours, Theodore B. Sachs M.D.” at the bottom. There is also a note in pencil at the bottom of the page that states, “Dear Dr. Spivak: Kindly return this recommendation to me. E. Lautenbach.”
Dates: 1909 May 9

Letter from the Aid Association of the Ex-Patients JCRS to C.D. Spivak, 1911 March 27

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0133.00020
Overview Letter from the Aid Association of the Ex-Patients JCRS to C.D. Spivak. The letter is in an undetermined language.
Dates: 1911 March 27

Letter from the Assistant Secretary of JCRS to A. Levinson, 1911 November 21

Identifier: B002.01.0103.0161.00027
Overview Typed letter from the assistant secretary at JCRS to Mrs. A. Levinson. Due to a misunderstanding from a previous letter, the secretary reiterated that the will could not be probated in Denver because the will was in the hands of her sister, Mrs. Ostroff. The secretary also said that to probate the will in Denver it must be sent to Denver and it would take about one year to carry it through the court. He reminded Levinson that it would cost about $100.00 and she should also send $20.00 for the...
Dates: 1911 November 21

Letter from the Assistant Secretary to S. Korengold, 1910 December 19

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0036.00020
Overview Typed letter from C.D. Spivak’s assistant to S. Korengold. Korengold explains that Abe Billen was a patient at JCRS and recommended him for re-admission.
Dates: 1910 December 19

Letter from the Blum Brothers to C.D. Spivak, 1910 June 22

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0163.00005
Overview Handwritten letter from the Blum Brothers to C.D. Spivak. The Blum Brothers inform Spivak that they first reached out to the National Jewish Hospital to find help for Phillips, and made a mistake when they mentioned the letter to C.D. Spivak. They then inform Spivak that Phillips has an uncle in Ohio that is well off because he receives a royalty from a patent he created while working in the glass factory. They inform Spivak that if he writes to Phillips’ uncle he would surely help him. The...
Dates: 1910 June 22

Letter from the Blum Brothers to JCRS, 1910 June 13

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0163.00002
Overview Handwritten letter from the Blum brothers to JCRS. The brothers inform Spivak that Jacob Phillips is a hardworking honest man that contracted tuberculosis by working in the wet sand. They continue to say that Phillips is not so poor and can pay something towards his admission to JCRS. The brothers also tell Spivak that a doctor in Ohio told Phillips to go to Denver to enjoy the climate because it might help him recover. They finish the letter by stating that Phillips has a wife and children...
Dates: 1910 June 13

Letter from the Directors of Rochester, New York to C.D. Spivak , 1910 December 15

Identifier: B002.01.0103.0103.00006
Overview Typed letter from the JCRS national directors in Rochester, New York to C.D. Spivak. They asked Spivak if he could admit Mr. Hirschberg to the sanatorium. They tell Spivak that Hirschberg already made an application in person and his condition is poor. The directors tell Spivak that there is little hope for Hirschberg’s recovery without the aid from the sanatorium. They thanked Spivak in advance.
Dates: 1910 December 15

Letter from the Jewish Hospital to JCRS, 1910 March 24

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0125.00002
Overview Handwritten letter from a doctor at the Jewish Hospital to JCRS. The letter is regarding patient, Abe Lieberman and informs JCRS that he has been getting care for his tuberculosis from the Jewish Hospital, but needs extra help. The letter also mentions that Lieberman would suffer if he were sent back to Russia. The letter is signed H.M., M.D. at the bottom.
Dates: 1910 March 24

Letter from the Jewish Relief Society to C.D. Spivak, 1910 April 6

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0128.00002
Overview Handwritten letter from a member of the Jewish Relief Society to C.D. Spivak. They explain that Sam Karlsbad has been very ill for a long time. The writer is very confident that Karlsbad would benefit from the care of JCRS and asks that Spivak admit him into the sanatorium. The letter is signed at the bottom.
Dates: 1910 April 6