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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 42 Collections and/or Records:

Blue Jar with Lid, between 1960-2020

Identifier: B442.01.0006.00006

Stoneware and blue glaze jar with lid. The six sides of the jar are resemble tulip petals.

Dates: between 1960-2020

Box 1, between 1960-2020

 File — Box B442.01.0001: Series B442.01 [Barcode: U186023300306]
Identifier: B442.01.0001

Contains a Challah tray and the top of Seder Plates (the three tiers are in box 4.)

Dates: between 1960-2020

Box 2, between 1960-2020

 File — B442.01.0002: Series B442.01 [Barcode: U186023300364]
Identifier: B442.01.0002

Box 3, between 1960-2020

 File — Box B442.01.0003: Series B442.01 [Barcode: 186023300372]
Identifier: B442.01.0003

Box contains a Greek inspired pitcher, a large bottle, a Southwest vessel, and a white small bottle.

Dates: between 1960-2020

Box 3: Plaques and Memorabilia

 File — Box D059.0003: Series D059.01 [Barcode: U186023262508]
Identifier: D059.01.0003

This box includes (13) items such as (3) plaques, (2) letter openers, (1) coffee mug, (1) beer stein, (4) belt buckles, (1) pin, and (1) bow tie.

Dates: 1949-1981

Box 5, between 1960-2020

 File — Box B442.01.0005: Series B442.01 [Barcode: B186023300398]
Identifier: B442.01.0005

Box contains a teal jar with handles and lid and a casserole dish and lid with teal glaze and incised images of vegetables.

Dates: between 1960-2020

Box 6, between 1960-2020

 File — Box B442.01.0006: Series B442.01 [Barcode: 186023300403]
Identifier: B442.01.0006

Box contains a four piece Havdalah set of stoneware and glaze, a white and blue stoneware with lid, and a stoneware and glaze blue jar with lid. Havdalah is the religious ceremony that marks the symbolic end of Shabbat and ushers in a new week. The ritual invoves lighting a special havdalah candle with several wicks, blessing a cup of wine and smelling sweet spices.

Dates: between 1960-2020

Box 12: Memorabilia

 File — Box D059.0012: Series D059.01 [Barcode: U186024468953]
Identifier: D059.01.0012

This box contains (2) beer steins, (3) coffee mugs, (1) bag of pins and badges, and (2) Arkansas license plates reading 'Caller' and 'Cal.'

Dates: 1949-1981

Box 58: Ceramic Statues

 File — Box D096.0058: Series D096.13 [Barcode: U186020741618]
Identifier: D096.13.0058

This box contains several ceramic statues, including one of a dancing couple, two of men playing instruments (the violin player is slightly damaged), and two individuals dancing, likely a set, one man and one woman.

Dates: 1850-2007

Box 67: Memorabilia

 File — Box D096.0067: Series D096.13 [Barcode: U186023288952]
Identifier: D096.13.0067

This box contains several pieces of memorabilia, including a Scottish sporran (purse worn with a kilt), four small ceramic dancing figures, a magnetic piece with small square dancers on it, a wooden doll carved and dressed to look like an asian figure, a felt 1993 hanging calendar that says "Square Dancing is For All Seasons", two posters for the Cheyenne Mountain Dancers, and other small pieces of square dancing memorabilia.

Dates: 1850-2007