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Theater -- Production and direction

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Here are entered works on the production and direction of theatrical performances. Works on written or printed descriptions or directions in a play are entered under [Stage directions.]

Found in 46 Collections and/or Records:

Box 8: Abe Lincoln in Illinois - Cavern

 File — Box U100.0008: Series U100.02 [Barcode: U186018602141]
Identifier: U100.02.0008
Abstract Theatre - Photographs of Productions A-C: 'Abe Lincoln in Illinois', 'Adventures of Harlequin'(Children's Theatre), 'Aesop's Fables'(1984), 'Affairs of Anatole'(1954-55), 'Ah, Wilderness'(1946), 'Ah, Wilderness'(1965), 'Ah, Wilderness'(1982), 'Aladdin'(Children's Theatre)(1980), 'Albert Herring'(1950), 'Albert Herring'(1969), 'All's Well That Ends Well'(1982), 'Amphitryon'(1976), 'Anastasia'(1956), 'Androchles and the Lion'(Children's Theatre)(1971), 'Angel in the Pawnshop',...
Dates: Other: 1934-1984

Box 9: Celebrations - Fifth of July

 File — Box U100.03.0009: Series U100.02 [Barcode: U186018602159]
Identifier: U100.02.0009
Abstract Theatre - Photographs of Productions C-F: 'Celebrations'(1972), 'La Cenerentola'(1973), 'Centennial Opera', 'Chalk Garden'(1972), 'Champaigne'(1968), 'Charley's Aunt'(1956), 'Cherry Orchard'(1965), 'Childhood'(Children's Theatre)(1976), 'Children of a Lesser God', 'Christmas Carol', 'Cinderella'(Children's Theatre)(1972), 'The Circus Adventure'(Children's Theatre)(1971), 'The Cloak'(1970), 'Cloud Nine'(1995), 'The Cold Wind and the Warm', 'Come Blow Your Horn'(1978), 'Company'(1977),...
Dates: Other: 1934-1984

Box 10: Fireman's Flame - Judgment Day

 File — Box U100.03.0010: Series U100.02 [Barcode: U186018602167]
Identifier: U100.02.0010
Abstract Theatre - Photographs of Productions: 'Fireman's Flame', 'Flea'(1971), 'A Flea in Her Ear'(1971), 'The Flying Prince', 'Follies'(1981), 'Fore and Art'(1952), 'Forty Whacks', 'Front Page'(1969), 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum'(1975), 'Games', 'Gemini(1983), 'Ghosts', 'Ghost Sonata'(1970), 'Gianni Schicchi'(1970)(1980), 'Girl Crazy', 'Glass Menagerie'(1953), 'Goodbye, My Fancy', 'Godspell'(1977), 'Golden Apple', 'The Golden Dragon'(Children's Theatre)(1972), 'The Golden...
Dates: Other: 1934-1984

Box 11: Kalua and the Magic Numbers - My Sister Eileen

 File — Box U100.03.0011: Series U100.02 [Barcode: U186018602175]
Identifier: U100.02.0011
Abstract Photographs of theatre department productions. Productions include: 'Kalua and the Magic Numbers'(Children's Theatre)(1976), 'Kingdom of God', 'The Knight From Almedo'(1963), 'Knuckle'(1983), 'Ladies in Retirement', 'The Lady's Not For Burning'(1954), 'The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia'(1979), 'Last Sweet Days of Isaac'(1971), 'Legend of Lovers'(1977), 'Let Who Will Be Clever', 'A Life in the Theatre'(1984), 'Lilom', 'The Limbo Kid'(1962), 'Lion in Winter'(1972), 'Little...
Dates: Other: 1934-1984

Box 12: Narokami - Rude Mechanicals

 File — Box U100.03.0012: Series U100.02 [Barcode: U186018602183]
Identifier: U100.02.0012
Abstract Photographs of Theatre Department productions. Productions include: 'Narokami'(1963), 'Never Too Late'(1973), 'The Night of January 16th', 'A Night of Shakespeare', 'The Night of Iguana'(1974), 'Nightingale'(1979), 'No More From Thrones', 'Noah'(1955), 'Oedipus Rex', 'Of Mice and Men', 'The Old Lady Shows her Medals', 'The Old Maid and the Thief' (1968)(1949), 'The Oldest Living Graduate'(1979), 'On Borrowed Time'(1948)(1949), 'On the Town'(1969), 'Once in a Lifetime'(1962), 'Once Upon a...
Dates: Other: 1934-1984

Box 14: Abe Lincoln in Illinois - Lysistrata

 File — Box U100.02.0014: Series U100.01 [Barcode: U186018602206]
Identifier: U100.01.0014
Abstract Theatre - Programs A-L: 'Abe Lincoln to Illinios'(1950), 'Affairs of Anatol'(1954), 'Ah, Wilderness!'(1965), 'Ah, Wilderness!'(1982), 'Air Raid', 'Albert Herring'(1950), 'Albert Herring'(1969), 'All's Well That Ends Well'(1982), 'Amahl and the Night Visitors'(1952), 'Amphitryon'(1976), 'Anastasia'(1956), 'Androcles and the Lion'(1954), 'Angel in the Pawnshop'(1953), 'Anne of the Thousand Days'(1951), 'Annie Christie'(1962), 'Antigone'(1951), 'Anything Goes'(1946), 'Anything Goes'(1979), 'The...
Dates: Other: 1934-1984

Box 15: Macbeth - Zorba

 File — Box U100.02.0015: Series U100.01 [Barcode: U186018602214]
Identifier: U100.01.0015
Abstract Theatre - Programs M-Z: 'Macbeth'(1965), 'Macbeth'(1974), 'Mad Dog Blues'(1981), 'Madam, Will You Walk?'(1957), 'Mademoiselle Colombe'(1962), 'The Madman and the Nun', 'Madwoman of Chaillot'(1950), 'Madwoman of Chaillot'(1974), 'Madwoman of Chaillot'(1984), 'Major Barbara'(1959), 'The Male Animal'(1962), 'A Man for All Seasons'(1966), 'Man is Man'(1973), 'La Mandragola'(1984), 'The Mandrake'(1969), 'Mary Stuart'(1962), 'Mask of the Gold Dragon', 'The Matchmaker'(1963), 'The...
Dates: Other: 1934-1984

Box 25: Costume and Set Designs

 File — Box U100.0025: Series U100.04 [Barcode: U186022650114]
Identifier: U100.04.0025

Costume and Set Designs - Look Homeward, Angel (8 Set Design sketches on paper), On Borrowed Time, Peg O' My Heart, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Shoemaker's Prodigious Wife Lighting Plot, group of 5 unidentified Set Designs, and a solo unidentified design.

Dates: Other: 1934-1984

Box 30: Settings - The Merry Widow, 1960

 File — Box U100.04.0030: Series U100.04 [Barcode: U186018628448]
Identifier: U100.04.0030

Stage settings for Theatre Production The Merry Widow, 1960. 16 sheets - Acts 1, 2, and 3.

Dates: 1960

Box 31: Settings - South Pacific, 1963

 File — Box U100.04.0031: Series U100.04 [Barcode: U186018628422]
Identifier: U100.04.0031

Stage settings for Theatre Production South Pacific, 1963. 43 sheets.

Dates: 1963