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Film reels

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Spools used to wind lengths of photographic or motion-picture film for projection, processing, or storage. (Used locally when the topical matter of the resource described is not known or is yet to be determined.)

Found in 29 Collections and/or Records:

Audiovisual Materials

Identifier: D053.04
Scope and Contents

This series contains film reels and magnetic audio reels.

Dates: 1959-1979

Box 1

 File — Box U203.0001: [Barcode: U186018607604]
Identifier: U203.0001

Reels, 28 and 33-49

Dates: Other: 1948-2008

Box 5: AV Materials

 File — Box M035.0005: Series M035.04 [Barcode: U186019602550]
Identifier: M035.05.0005

This box contains a 16mm film recording in metal can; two medium-sized reels in boxes, one marked 'Low Contrast Print', the other 'Excerpt Audrey Rose Ans-'; one small reel in a box marked 'Empire Grandfather:60.'

Dates: 1975-1986

Box 6: Magnetic and Film Reels

 File — Box D053.0006: Series D053.02; Series D053.04 [Barcode: U186023260124]
Identifier: D053.04.0006

This box includes (2) magnetic reels and (2) film reels. Film reels are of performances "Hexagrams" and "Giocoso." Magnetic Reels contain audio from "The Nutcracker" and Enrique Martinez.

Dates: 1959-1979

Box 46

 File — Box U203.0046: [Barcode: U186022514546]
Identifier: U203.0046

Mini-DVs, VHS cassettes, cassette tapes, DV cam, and reel to reel tapes of University events, lectures, and other campus activities filmed or recorded by multimedia services.

Dates: Other: 1948-2008

Box 57: Reels

 File — Box D030.0057: Series D030.09 [Barcode: U186022712704]
Identifier: D030.09.0057

A number of reels (unknown if solely audio or audiovisual) mostly tapings of GBSDA shows.

Dates: 1986 - 2006

Box 381: Film Reels, 1955-1984

 File — Box M123.0381: Series M123.08 [Barcode: U186020762915]
Identifier: M123.08.0381

This box contain 16 mm film from (14) various Central City Events. The titled reels include: "Madame Butterfly," C.C outs, Central City Parade 1957, and Air Academy 1955. The box also contains (1) magnetic tape reel titled "Little Red Reel 1963" and (1) Betacam tape of a newsreel from 1984.

Dates: 1955-1984

Box 382: Film Reels, 1932-1972

 File — Box M123.0382: Series M123.08 [Barcode: U186023280962]
Identifier: M123.08.0382

This box contains (22) 16 mm film reels. Most films are untitled. The titles include: (2) 1972 CCO, 1932/1933 Reel, Kine Graham U.P News, CCO- Colorado Springs, and 1969 B-Roll CCO. The box also contains (13) magnetic tape reels and (1) box of large negatives. The magnetic tapes are labelled (10) Central City, (1) Anne Evans, (1) 35th Anniversary Gala, and (1) unlabelled.

Dates: 1932-1972

Container 53

 File — Box U203.0053: [Barcode: U186023252113]
Identifier: U203.0053

Unidentified reel-to-reel tape.

Dates: Other: 1948-2008

Container 367: Print No. 28 Film Reel

 File — Reel M123.0367: Series M123.08 [Barcode: U186024719867]
Identifier: M123.08.0367

Information from the film head: "PRINT NUMBER 28, TYPE Color, SERIES TITLE Central City, RELEASED BY New Era Prod" Reel labelled "PRINT NUMBER 28" and was located in a box with an address label from the Adolph Coors Co. to Denver Warehouse.

Dates: 1979-2011