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Mining engineering

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Use for: Engineering, Mining ; Mines and mining ; Mining

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Loading rail cars at a mine--frid02446

Identifier: frid02446

Open pit metal mine with power shovels loading rail cars.

Dates: Majority of material found within 1925-1964

Mining shovel--frid02501

Identifier: frid02501

Photograph looking down on point sheave of a mining shovel from the bench above.

Dates: Majority of material found within 1925-1964

Oral History Interview with Bill Brill, 1982 June 30, 2006

Identifier: BHS-SCA-018
Abstract Bill Brill came to work for CF&I in 1926 in the engineering department. He came to help build the twenty-five inch mill. He also made changes in the fourteen inch mill. He helped build the rod mill in 1954, and the shell plant that made shells for World War II. Later he also helped build the grader blade mill. Also worked in the blast furnace area. Had trouble designing furnaces when natural gas came into the picture in 1928. Brill also built a blast furnace in Wilmington, Deleware, but...
Dates: 1982 June 30; Digitization: 2006

Oral History Interview with Bob McCannon, 1985 June 12, 2006

Identifier: BHS-SCA-005
Abstract Robert (Bob) McCannon came to Pueblo, Colorado and CF&I in 1954 as a junior mine engineer in the mining department. In 1955, he went to Sunrise, Wyoming as a mining engineer. Next McCannon went to the Comstock Mine in Utah where he became the resident engineer in 1962. McCannon returned to the Sunrise Mine in 1968 as the mine's superintendent. One of his jobs was the terminator of assets. McCannon was employed at Sunrise until it shut down in 1980, and the assets were auctioned off in...
Dates: 1985 June 12; Digitization: 2006

Oral History Interview with Keith Marolt, 1990 September 4, 2006

Identifier: AHS-C45

Keith Marolt describes his growing up on the Marolt ranch and working it over the years. Discusses his family, the ranch buildings and how they were used, railroads, irrigation water rights, crops livestock and machinery used.

Dates: 1990 September 4; Digitization: 2006

Oral History Interview with Opal Peterson Marolt, 1990 July 13, 2006

Identifier: AHS-C46
Abstract Opal Marolt describes her husband, Mike Marolt's family ranch in Aspen, Colorado. The property includes the historic mining site of Holden Lixiviation with the old office/assay house, smoke towers, barn and various other buildings that have been torn down over the years. She describes who owned the house and property between the early 1900's through the 1980's. She dicusses the changes made to the buildings, how they were used, when the changes were made, and where the materials used...
Dates: 1990 July 13; Digitization: 2006

Oral History Interview with Peggy Marolt, 1990 July 20, 2006

Identifier: AHS-C47

Peggy Marolt discusses growing up in Aspen, Colorado and on the Marolt Ranch also known as Midland Ranch. She describes daily life, household items, her family, buildings around the ranch and the old Holden Lixiviation Works, businesses around Aspen, and orgaizations she was involved in. She also goes into detail on crops raised, livestock and machinery used on the ranch. She talks about various schools, churches and special events from her childhood.

Dates: 1990 July 20; Digitization: 2006