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The Hesperus

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: University of Denver student publication, 1891-1892

Found in 45 Collections and/or Records:

Clarion Student Newspaper Records

Identifier: U212
Abstract The University of Denver school newspaper has gone through several variations ending in the Clarion which is still published weekly. This collection contains some of the history of the paper and examples of the various forms it has taken.
Dates: 1891-

The Hesperus, 1886-1898

Identifier: U212.03
Abstract The Hesperus is the University of Denver's second known student publication. It is known to have published at least twelve volumes, and was published from 1886 to 1898. This series consists of digital representations of the print issues held by Special Collections and Archives at the University of Denver.
Dates: 1886-1898

The Hesperus, vol. 1, issue 2, 1886 June 1

Identifier: hesperus_v01i02_18860601
Abstract This issue has pieces on being back to school and how the success of the university depends on the students, and articles on university sports such as football and baseball. It also talks about art and scientific inventions.
Dates: 1886 June 1

The Hesperus, vol. 3, issue 9, 1888 February 24

Identifier: hesperus_v03i09_18880224
Abstract This issue tackles the subject of how the campus will be, as well as the government, the nation, and the death of one the editors. It also has a piece on beggars, freedom of speech, and labor.
Dates: 1888 February 24

The Hesperus, vol. 4, issue 10, 1889 June 1

Identifier: hesperus_v04i10_18890601
Abstract This issue starts with a Baccalaureate Sermon by David H. Moore, the Chancellor, followed by philosophical pieces about unsatisfactory lives and how it was an epoch of discovery. It also includes a text in Latin, information about the Chamberlin Observatory, and a piece on choosing a profession.
Dates: 1889 June 1

The Hesperus, vol. 6, issue 1, 1891 September 15

Identifier: hesperus_v06i01_18910915
Abstract This issue has information about the Y.M.C.A. convention, a piece on English being the universal language, and the values of literary societies. It also talks about how the success of men depends on the time spent in the university, and the organization in college classes.
Dates: 1891 September 15

The Hesperus, vol. 6, issue 2, 1891 October 1

Identifier: hesperus_v06i02_18911001
Abstract This issue has a piece on Lord Bacon, the Philosopher, and they talk about cultivating your own literary style. It also has a piece on the plans of the establishment of a Presbyterian College in Denver, how University of Denver is a secured university already, and a little about fraternities and societies.
Dates: 1891 October 1

The Hesperus, vol. 6, issue 3, 1891 October 15

Identifier: hesperus_v06i03_18911015
Abstract This issue talks about the development of society and the government, the story of Dick Darling, and the studies of physical culture. It also has pieces on Denver public libraries and the University library.
Dates: 1891 October 15

The Hesperus, vol. 6, issue 4, 1891 November 1

Identifier: hesperus_v06i04_18911101
Abstract This issue has pieces on education in America, philosophy of life, and about how the Agricultural College is not a school of collegiate rank. It also talks about how successful DU alumni are, and how it needs a department of oratory.
Dates: 1891 November 1

The Hesperus, vol. 6, issue 5, 1891 November 15

Identifier: hesperus_v06i05_18911115
Abstract This issue talks about Greek, Roman, and Persian history, the oratorical contest, and the revolt in the Brazilian Republic. It also mentions the plans of opening the college book store, an award prize for English composition, and the need of more college sports in the university.
Dates: 1891 November 15