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Student publications

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 46 Collections and/or Records:

The Hesperus, vol. 12, issue 3, 1897 October 22

Identifier: hesperus_v12i03_18971022
Overview This issue includes articles on the success of essay writing, the death of a beloved teacher, and the story of a prodigy mathematician child. It also talks about the university football team and the College of Liberal Arts.
Dates: 1897 October 22

The Hesperus, vol. 12, issue 4, 1897 November 5

Identifier: hesperus_v12i04_18971105
Overview This issue talks about the literary societies and the College of Liberal Arts. It also has pieces on the Y.W.C.A., alumni notes, and university athletics.
Dates: 1897 November 5

The Hesperus, vol. 12, issue 5, 1897 November 19

Identifier: hesperus_v12i05_18971119
Overview This issue includes pieces about the Beta Theta Pi Halloween party, the significance of Thanksgiving, and the preparation of The Hesperus Christmas edition. It also has a society directory, and articles about a barn roof in Durango, and the difference between big colleges and little colleges.
Dates: 1897 November 19

The Hesperus, vol. 12, issue 6, 1897 December 3

Identifier: hesperus_v12i06_18971203
Overview This issue talks about the Thanksgiving holiday, The Hesperus improvements, and DU's "second" team. It also has pieces about the Alpha Iota society, the university football games, new books coming out, and Lao-Tse, the Chinese philosopher.
Dates: 1897 December 3

The Hesperus, vol. 12, issue 7, 1897 December 17

Identifier: hesperus_v12i07_18971217
Overview This issue has articles on Christmas and a Recital by the Department of Oratory. It also talks about sunrise and outdoors in Colorado, and another piece on Lao-Tse.
Dates: 1897 December 17

The Hesperus, vol. 12, issue 8, 1898 January 17

Identifier: hesperus_v12i08_18980117
Overview This issue includes pieces on the new year, an editor leaving The Hesperus, and the senior class. It also talks about the Gamma Phi Beta society festivities, the senior party, and the oratorical contest.
Dates: 1898 January 17

The Hesperus, vol. 12, issue 9, 1898 January 28

Identifier: hesperus_v12i09_18980128
Overview This issue talks about the oratorical state contest and the Loud Bill, a bill that would raise the price of cheap paper editions of standard authors such as Dickens and Scott. It also includes pieces on the College Annual, University baseball, and the Day of Prayer.
Dates: 1898 January 28

The Hesperus, vol. 3, issue 9, 1888 February 24

Identifier: hesperus_v03i09_18880224
Overview This issue tackles the subject of how the campus will be, as well as the government, the nation, and the death of one the editors. It also has a piece on beggars, freedom of speech, and labor.
Dates: 1888 February 24

The Hesperus, vol. 4, issue 10, 1889 June 1

Identifier: hesperus_v04i10_18890601
Overview This issue starts with a Baccalaureate Sermon by David H. Moore, the Chancellor, followed by philosophical pieces about unsatisfactory lives and how it was an epoch of discovery. It also includes a text in Latin, information about the Chamberlin Observatory, and a piece on choosing a profession.
Dates: 1889 June 1

The Hesperus, vol. 6, issue 1, 1891 September 15

Identifier: hesperus_v06i01_18910915
Overview This issue has information about the Y.M.C.A. convention, a piece on English being the universal language, and the values of literary societies. It also talks about how the success of men depends on the time spent in the university, and the organization in college classes.
Dates: 1891 September 15