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Holocaust survivors

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Bio/Hist: Here are entered works on persons who survived the Holocaust of 1939-1945, with emphasis on their lives since 1945. Works on persons who died during the Holocaust of 1939-1945 are entered under Holocaust victims. Works consisting of personal accounts of the Jewish Holocaust are entered under Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)--Personal narratives.

Found in 131 Collections and/or Records:

Prints of Portraits, circa 2008

Identifier: B398.02.0025.0004
Overview Multiple copies of prints of the original drawings in the "Child Survivors of the Holocaust" exhibit.
Dates: circa 2008

Prints of Portraits at Yad Vashem, circa 2008

Identifier: B398.02.0025.0003
Overview Multiple copies of prints for the four portraits that were donated to the Yad Vashem Holocaust History Museum in Jerusalem: Edith Stern, Arthur Stern, Pessia Kant and Sarah Kopyto-Hollinger. Also a compact disc with digital copies of images.
Dates: circa 2008

Radiogram, 1946 July 24

Identifier: B333.06.0001.0006.00013
Overview Radiogram from Henry Lowenstein to his family on the SS Marine Perch during their crossing to the United States. The message reads: "AONY DE GKV - RELAYED VIA ANBM, WHIPSNADE NR1 10 21 1253, STEINBERG SS MARINE PERCH/ GLV VIA ANBM, LOVE AND ALL THE BEST - HENRY."
Dates: 1946 July 24

Richard Simon, 2003

 Item — Object B398.01.00002: Series B398.01 [U186023282304]
Identifier: B398.01.00002
Overview Framed drawing of Richard Simon by artist Deborah Howard. Drawing is largely black and white with light brown accents through his hair. Richard Simon is looking directly at the viewer.
Dates: 2003

"Right Brain, Left Brain", circa 2008

 Item — Object B398.01.00027: Series B398.01 [U186023282786]
Identifier: B398.01.00027
Overview Encaustic painting on canvas in reds, oranges, golds, blues and purples surrounded by ash wood frame. Canvas has black and white image of Maurice Blik and a reverse transfer of the image adjacent. Image is a photocopy of Deborah Howard’s print, B398.01.00017. Wax makes surface 3-dimensional and has nails embedded in it. Tally marks carved into wax and images of the Star of David and a moth visible in the wax (artist uses moths to symbolize Jews in her work).
Dates: circa 2008

Rosen And Sladek Family Papers

Identifier: B292
Overview Russian Jewish immigrants Samuel Castille and Zelda Goldberg Rosen settled on Denver's west side and raised 13 children. Their daughter Clara Rosen married Joseph Rosen and they had four children including Selma Rosen who married Osi Sladek. Joseph Rosen began selling newspapers in Denver at the age of seven, starting out as a helper for his future brothers-in-law Max and Al Rosen. Hyman Rosen was born in Denver in 1916, the third youngest of the 13 children of Samuel and Zelda Rosen. He began...
Dates: 1960-2015

Sabina Heller, 2006

 Item — Object B398.01.00014: Series B398.01 [U186023282485]
Identifier: B398.01.00014
Overview Framed drawing of Sabina Heller by artist Deborah Howard. Drawing is in black and white, Sabina wears a sleeveless shirt and pearls. Sabina Heller is looking towards the viewer.
Dates: 2006

Scrapbook, 1929 - 1944

Identifier: B407.02.0002.00008
Overview This scrapbook contains family photos of the Loeb Family starting around 1929 and ending around 1944. The scrapbook itself is covered with a multicolored striped fabric and bound with a decorative fabric cord. The pages are black, and there are pages of spiderweb patterned tissue paper between each page. Many pictures are loose in the book. The front of the book has pictures of Ernest Loeb as a child, and later pages have pictures of Ernest as a soldier in WWII.
Dates: 1929 - 1944

Social Democratic Party Membership Card, after 1945 August 29

Identifier: B333.05.0001.0005.00005
Overview Dr. Max Loewenstein's Social Democratic Party, Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands, of Germany membership card, number 2052, issued August 29, 1945 in Berlin, Germany. The front cover is a type filled form with Max's name, occupation, address, member since date, membership district information, and member number. The back cover is a continuation of statutes and two stamps affirming that Max has paid his fees. Interior of the membership card is a chart of membership dues paid, September...
Dates: after 1945 August 29

Steven Metzler, 2004

 Item — Object B398.01.00009: Series B398.01 [U186023282435]
Identifier: B398.01.00009
Overview Framed drawing of Steven Metzler by artist Deborah Howard. Drawing is full color with purple background, Steven wears a light blue shirt. Steven Metzler is looking towards the viewer.
Dates: 2004