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Caricatures and cartoons

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Public Note: Use for: Illustrations, Humorous; Pictures, Humorous

Found in 21 Collections and/or Records:


Identifier: D044.09
Scope and Contents This series includes file folders containing artwork drawn primarily by Frank Grundeen and Chuck Jones.
Dates: 1940-2002

Bosco Looney Tunes Cartoon Sound, undated

Identifier: B229.02.0001.0001
Abstract Faded black and white film with magnetic sound strip. "Looney Tunes Guild"
Dates: undated

Box 45: Oversized Artwork

 File — Box D044.0045: Series D044.06; Series D044.07; Series D044.09 [Barcode: U186023262540]
Identifier: D044.09.0045
Abstract This box contains (1) framed photo and (6) folders with oversized artwork and photos.
Dates: 1940-2002

Box 56: Charles Dillinger- Square Dance Diary, 1970-1972

 File — Box D044.0056: Series D044.09 [Barcode: U186023253266]
Identifier: D044.09.0056
Abstract This box contains file folders arranged by date; contains the Square Dance Diary from 1970-1972 by Charlie Dillinger.
Dates: 1970-1972

Box 57: Charles Dillinger- Square Dance Diary, 1973 - 1976

 File — Box D044.0057: Series D044.09 [Barcode: U186023253274]
Identifier: D044.09.0057
Abstract This box contains file folders arranged by date; contains Square Dance Diary from 1973-1976 by Charlie Dillinger.
Dates: 1973 - 1976

Box 58: Charles Dillinger- Square Dance Diary

 File — Box D044.0058: Series D044.09 [Barcode: U186023253282]
Identifier: D044.09.0058
Abstract This box contains undated Square Dance Diary pages by Charlie Dillinger. One archival sleeve is labelled as 1974.
Dates: 1940-2002

Box 60: Frank Grundeen and Chuck Jones

 File — Box D044.0060: Series D044.09 [Barcode: U186024719948]
Identifier: D044.09.0060
Abstract This box contains artwork by Frank Grundeen and Chuck Jones. Also contains cover art for three editions of Sets In Order, one unidentified pencil sketch of a nature scene, and a Square Dance Hall of Fame page from the SIO Hall of Fame some time after 1961. More information on the Hall of Fame page might be available in Bob Osgood's personal papers.
Dates: 1940-2002

Box 61: Chuck Jones, Charles Dillinger, F. Sill

 File — Box D044.0061: Series D044.09 [Barcode: U186023273224]
Identifier: D044.09.0061
Abstract This box contains art, correspondence, photos, and materials from Chuck Jones as well as a folder of art by Charlie Dillinger and a folder for F. Sill. Folders arranged alphabetically with marked sections for each artist.
Dates: 1940-2002

Box 62: Frank Grundeen

 File — Box D044.0062: Series D044.09 [Barcode: U186023273127]
Identifier: D044.09.0062
Abstract This box contains subject folders of art and materials made and used by Frank Grundeen; these folders are continued in Box 96.
Dates: 1940-2002

Box 96: Frank Grundeen, 1948 - 1985

 File — Box M044.0096: Series D044.09 [Barcode: U186023298559]
Identifier: D044.09.0096
Abstract Box contains rest of Frank Grundeen's subject files from Box 62, and original art for the Sets In Order magazine by Frank Grundeen from 1948 through 1985.
Dates: 1948 - 1985