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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Here are entered musical compositions. General works about opera are entered under the heading: Opera. Variant forms: Burlettas, Comic operas , Intermezzos (Operas), Light operas, Opera buffas, Opera serias, OpeĢras comiques, Operettas, Puppet operas, Singspiels.

Found in 5 Collections and/or Records:

AcU - Music - Musicals and Opera Photos, 1974-1999

Identifier: U201.01.0070.0007
Abstract Black and white photographic prints, negatives, and contact sheets of live action shots from productions and candids of casts of musicals and operas in the music department at the University of Denver.
Dates: 1974-1999

AcU Opera Workshop, 1966 February

Identifier: U201.01.0070.0007.00001
Abstract Photographic image of two students, one female, one male, sitting on stage during an opera workshop at the University of Denver in February 1966. Both individuals appear to be acting, as the man is speaking or singing and pointing, and the woman is looking to where he is pointing.
Dates: 1966 February

Blanche Thebom Opera Workshop, 1977 July 18

Identifier: U201.01.0070.0007.00004
Abstract Blanche Thebom opera workshop at the University of Denver, 7/18/1977.
Dates: 1977 July 18

Blanche Thebom Opera Workshop, 1977 July 18

Identifier: U201.01.0070.0007.00004.00001
Abstract Blanche Thebom raises her arms as she speaks to students in an auditorium during an opera workshop at the University of Denver on 7/18/1977. Behind her, onstage, an individual sits at a piano while another individual stands onstage next to the piano listening to Blanche Thebom.
Dates: 1977 July 18

Music School Opera Rehearsal, 1986 January

Identifier: U201.01.0070.0007.00003.00001
Abstract A music director rehearses in a classroom with students singing behind music stands at the University of Denver Lamont School of Music in January 1986.
Dates: 1986 January