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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 394 Collections and/or Records:

Athletics - Gymnastics - Women, between 1977-1992

Identifier: U300.04.0391.0026
Overview Women's gymnastics newsletters, meet results, statistics, press releases, and newspaper clippings from 1977-1992.
Dates: between 1977-1992

Athletics - Gymnastics, Clippings, between 1978-2004

Identifier: U300.04.0394.0026
Overview Women's gymnastics fliers, photocopies of newspaper clippings, and opponent rosters.
Dates: between 1978-2004

Athletics - Gymnastics General, between 1915-1935

Identifier: U300.04.0393.0002
Overview Gymnastics newspaper clipping featuring a photograph of recreational gymnastics at DU.
Dates: between 1915-1935

Athletics - Gymnastics (Women's) 1970's - 1980's, between 1977-1987

Identifier: U300.04.0393.0023
Overview Women's gymnastics photocopies from yearbook clippings with team photographs and rosters, press releases, and newspaper clippings from 1977-1987.
Dates: between 1977-1987

Athletics - Gymnastics (Women's) 2000's, 2001

Identifier: U300.04.0393.0022
Overview Women's gymnastics fliers, blank score cards, and a photocopy of a newspaper clipping from 2001.
Dates: 2001

Athletics - History, 1930, 1930

Identifier: U300.04.0394.0024
Overview Men's football newspaper clippings, rosters, and personnel records.
Dates: 1930

Athletics - Hockey, between 1996-2004

Identifier: U300.04.0394.0015
Overview Men's ice hockey newspaper clippings, photocopies of newspaper clippings, roster, and press releases.
Dates: between 1996-2004

Athletics - Hockey, between 1976-2005

Identifier: U300.04.0394.0027
Overview Newspaper clippings, pictures, programs, letters and correspondence, fliers, programs, and brochures pertaining to DU ice hockey.
Dates: between 1976-2005

Athletics - Hockey - Bleacher Creature, between 1987-2004

Identifier: U300.04.0394.0029
Overview Men's ice hockey correspondence and photocopies of newspaper clippings and media guides.
Dates: between 1987-2004

Athletics - Hockey - Clippings, between 1978-2004

Identifier: U300.04.0394.0030
Overview Men's ice hockey photocopies of newspaper clippings, fliers, and newsletters.
Dates: between 1978-2004