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Sound recordings

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 539 Collections and/or Records:

Box 75: Magnetic Reels, 1949-1953

 File — Box D044.0075: Series D044.12 [Barcode: U186023273339]
Identifier: D044.12.0075
Abstract This box contains magnetic reels. Not all are labelled. Labelled objects are Ayer - Powers, Looby - Reinhart, Lephone National Association, Eli Wheat, Ed Larkin - Chelsea, Ed Larkin, Asilomar - Townhall, Linda - November 1949, Ed Larkin Chelsea, Catalano Trials (?), Dick Richardson, Halton James Marlboro, Composite tape (combined) Don Armstrong & Quadrilles, Billy Foster, Linda's Fourth Birthday Party, Linda Oct 20 - 1953, Catalano, Mr & MRs Pritchard Mullen (?), June Beach, Lamar...
Dates: 1949-1953

Box 76: Magnetic Reels, 1958-1976

 File — Box D044.0076: Series D044.12 [Barcode: U186023273135]
Identifier: D044.12.0076
Abstract This box contains magnetic reels. Not all are labelled. Labelled objects are Australia (from Ross and Marie Ewen), Van Antwerp, Korea, Staeben #4, Japan, Japan - Tape from C. Cowden, First anniversary and beginner class graduation party, Bob Osgood Colorado Springs - Colorado, Brockett Letter of Feb '58, Wheeling Dance Club, Bob Osgood - Virginia Reel - Et - Fiddle Tunes - Mocking Bird w/ Buddy, Contras to Bob Osgood, 250th Program - Square Dance Review, Meeting at Osgoods (7-13-64), Contra...
Dates: 1958-1976

Box 77: Magnetic Reels, Cassettes, and Records, 1954-1964

 File — Box D044.0077: Series D044.12 [Barcode: U186023273177]
Identifier: D044.12.0077
Abstract This box contains magnetic reels, cassettes, and a record. Not all are labelled. Labelled objects are Osgood at a Dance 6/25/59, Osgood Calling Hillbillies Sept. 3, 1960, Rip'n Snort Feb 24, Osgood Calling Hillbillies Aug. 20 1960, Caller Session 3:30-5:00 With Bertha & Bunky, Around the World '60, Square Dance History 1960 Osgood, T.V. All American Jubilee, Callers Evaluations 6-28-56 Rainman, Capsule Cavalcade ASil July '60 Bob Osgood, Tokyo Japan Dance May 1964, Osgood - basic...
Dates: 1954-1964

Box 88 (VHS, Audio-cassettes, Mini-cassettes, DVDs), 1984-2010

 File — Box B258.10.0088: Series B258.10 [Barcode: U186023261798]
Identifier: B258.10.0088

Various audiovisual of Temple programs and events plus a data cartridge with unknown content. 19 VHS tapes, 18 audio cassettes, 10 mini video cassettes, 6 DVDs, 1 QIC data cartridge. None of this material is digitized.

Dates: 1984-2010

Box 96 (Audio and Film Reels), 1962-1971

 File — Box B258.10.0096: Series B258.10; Series B258.11 [Barcode: U186023292626]
Identifier: B258.10.0096

10 8mm audio reels with recordings of annual meetings; 4 film reels, one labeled "Camp Pictures 1950" from Camp Schwayder, one marked "Movies of the Teachers Party", and two unmarked.

Dates: 1962-1971

Box 216 (Annual Dinners), 1949-1989

 File — Box B005.06.0216: Series B005.06 [Barcode: U186020757017]
Identifier: B005.06.0216

Annual Dinner Journals, invitations and dinner related materials; audio reel of 1974 Diamond Jubilee Dinner honoring trustees

Dates: 1949-1989

Brief report. Berlin

Identifier: M085.10.0198.00014
Abstract Congressman Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) delivers several installments of his radio address, a Brief report, from Berlin, Germany. Rep. Dominick discusses the recent call-up of reservists to combat communist aggression, his tour of American military bases in Europe and how they prevent the spread of communist control, and his views on freedom versus communism. He also talks about a number of other topics including the day-to-day lives of Germans living in East Berlin versus those living in...
Dates: 1960-1974

Brief report. Bureaucracy vs. the citizen, 1961 October 23

Identifier: M085.10.0198.00017

Congressman Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) delivers his radio address, a Brief report, on October 23, 1961. Rep. Dominick discusses the difficulty some of his constituents have had in dealing with the federal bureaucracy. He says that the challenge is finding the proper person or agency to solve problems and notes that the increasing size of the federal government will mean that the trend toward excessive red tape will only get worse.

Dates: 1961 October 23

Brief report. Committees, 1961 October 14

Identifier: M085.10.0198.00020
Abstract Congressman Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) delivers his radio address, a Brief report, on October 2, 1961. Rep. Dominick lists the various types of Congressional committees including standing committees, select or special committees, joint committees and conference committees. He also briefly describes their functions, reviews the criteria used to assign members to different committees and talks about the steps that the committees take to produce reports that will be used by other members of...
Dates: 1961 October 14

Brief report. Exports to Communist countries, 1961 September 14

Identifier: M085.10.0198.00019

Congressman Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) delivers his weekly radio address, a Brief report, on Sept. 14, 1961. Rep. Dominick discusses topics including the sale of strategic materials and agricultural commodities to Communist countries. He indicates that an investigation of export licenses approved by the State Dept. will be conducted, with a view to possible strengthening of existing export controls.

Dates: 1961 September 14