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Subject Source: Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms
Scope Note: DU scope note: Use for objects that actually are photographic prints on light-sensitive paper, or scans of photographic negatives or prints. For for originals, copies and scans of transparencies and slides, use: Slides (Photography) (lcsh). For works ABOUT photographs (diaries, logs, instructions, criticism, ...) use Photographs (lcsh).

AAT scope note: Refers to still images produced from radiation-sensitive materials (sensitive to light, electron beams, or nuclear radiation), generally by means of the chemical action of light on a sensitive film, paper, glass, or metal. It does not include reproductive prints of documents and technical drawings, for which descriptors found under "

Found in 12845 Collections and/or Records:

Zimmerman, Donna, 1961

Identifier: M123.03.0066.0015

Photographs and biographical information about Donna Zimmerman, a performer with the Central City Opera

Dates: 1961

Zivin Family, circa 1945

Identifier: B063.05.0013.00059

Left to right: Larry, Morris, Norma, and Edna Zivin pose together outside a stone building. Morris Zivin wears a World War II United States Army uniform.

Dates: circa 1945

Zoritch, George, 1919-

Identifier: D002.01.0004.0121

Photographs of George Zoritch performing in unidentified dances.

Dates: Date Unknown

Zundelowitz Room Dedication at the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society, after 1926

Identifier: B063.03.0011.00036
Abstract The Mrs. Rebecca Zundelowitz Room Dedication Ceremony at the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society (JCRS). Dr. Charles Spivak stands far left and Dr. Isidor Bronfin stands third from left with six unidentified men. Plaque on the door reads, '' THIS ROOM ENDOWED BY, MRS. REBECCA ZUNDELOWITZ, WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS, 1925.'' The JCRS was a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients that was founded in 1904 by a group of immigrant Jewish workingmen along with the support of several leading physicians...
Dates: after 1926

Zvi and Rachel Richman, between 1890-1910

Identifier: B063.05.0041.00089

Formal studio portrait of Zvi Hersh Richman and Rachel Richman.

Dates: between 1890-1910