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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Refers to still images produced from radiation-sensitive materials (sensitive to light, electron beams, or nuclear radiation), generally by means of the chemical action of light on a sensitive film, paper, glass, or metal. It does not include reproductive prints of documents and technical drawings, for which descriptors found under "

Found in 25 Collections and/or Records:

Adolph Kiesler and Eleanor Roosevelt, between 1955-1967

Identifier: B063.05.0038.00029
Abstract Adolph Kiesler at a formal event with Eleanor Roosevelt. Left to right an unidentified woman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Adolph Kiesler, Peggy Rifkin, Susan Rifkin, and Raisie Rifkin.
Dates: between 1955-1967

Adolph Kiesler at Beth Israel Picnic, 1953

Identifier: B063.05.0052.00022
Abstract Adolph Kiesler stands among several women and girls at his home during the Beth Israel picnic. Raisie Rifkin stands two people left of Adolph Kiesler holding Judy Rifkin. Two of Kiesler's granddaughters, Peggy Rifkin and Wendy Rifkin, kneel on the grass in front of him.
Dates: 1953

Adolph Kiesler at Beth Israel Picnic, circa 1953

Identifier: B063.05.0052.00023
Abstract Adolph Kiesler stands behind several women and girls at his mountain home during the Beth Israel picnic. Two of Kiesler's granddaughters, Peggy Rifkin and Wendy Rifkin, sit on the grass in front of the group. His daughters Naomi Sheftel, standing center, and Raisie Rifkin, standing far right, are also in the group.
Dates: circa 1953

Adolph Kiesler with Family, circa 1956

Identifier: B063.05.0052.00025
Abstract Adolph Kiesler sits surrounded by his daughters and granddaughters. Standing left to right Peggy Rifkin, Joe Sheftel, Susan Rifkin, Max Rifkin, and Mildred Williams. Seated left to right Raisie Rifkin, Naomi Sheftel, Adolph Kiesler, Judy Rifkin, and Wendy Rifkin.
Dates: circa 1956

Kiesler family on Vacation, circa 1922

Identifier: B063.05.0038.00073
Abstract The Kiesler family sits in an open topped car. Back seat left to right Mildred Kiesler, Sara Kiesler, and Naomi Milstein. Front seat Raisie Kiesler and Adolph Kiesler. Background looks like Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Dates: circa 1922

Mary Jacobs and Raisie Rifkin, between 1960-1983

Identifier: B063.05.0052.00029
Abstract Left to right Mary Jacobs, an unidentified woman, Raisie Rifkin, and an unidentified man at a dinner event.
Dates: between 1960-1983

Raisie Kiesler, between 1930-1939

Identifier: B063.05.0038.00035
Abstract Raisie Kiesler stands on a street corner with a young boy named Donald in New York City.
Dates: between 1930-1939

Raisie Kiesler Rifkin, 1938

Identifier: B063.08.0047.00096
Abstract Raisie Kiesler Rifkin stands in front of a car parked in front of Peerless Alloy.
Dates: 1938

Raisie Kiesler Rifkin, between 1930-1940

Identifier: B063.08.0047.00097
Abstract Raisie Kiesler Rifkin seated on a couch on a porch in front of a brick house.
Dates: between 1930-1940

Raisie Kiesler Rifkin, 1936

Identifier: B063.08.0047.00098
Abstract Raisie Kiesler Rifkin poses at the 1936 World's Fair.
Dates: 1936