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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Prefer a more specific term (if available) that describes the type of report involved, such as: Annual reports, Corporation reports, Damage reports, Technical reports, ... adr 7/14/2016

Found in 370 Collections and/or Records:

Box 138: Files, Historical Society-Window Displays, 1955

 File — Box M123.0138: Series M123.01 [U186019154094]
Identifier: M123.01.0138
Overview Papers, reports, publication, and telegrams in well-labelled, roughly alphabetical folders - topics from 'Historical Society' to 'Window Displays'
Dates: 1955

Box 139: Files, AGMA- Flower Girls, 1956

 File — Box M123.0139: Series M123.01 [U186019154109]
Identifier: M123.01.0139
Overview Papers, reports, telegrams, publications, and receipts in well-labelled, roughly alphabetical folders - topics range from 'AGMA 1956' to 'Flower Girls'
Dates: 1956

Box 14

 File — Box D044.0014: Series D044.02 [U186023250713]
Identifier: D044.02.0014
Overview Box 14 contains subject file folders originally assembled by Bob Osgood. The subjects in this box are Gadd, Mary; Gardner, Jewel; Gavel and Key; Gilmore; Gilmore Articles; Gilmore, Ed; Gilmore, Ed; Gilmore, Ed; Gilmore, Ed; Gimmicks; Gold Ribbon; Gold Ribbon Report; Gold Ribbon Report; Gold Ribbon Report; Golden, Cal; Golden, Cal; Golden, Terry; Golden, Terry - Music; Gotcher, Les; Gotcher, Les; Grand March; Greggerson - Camp Ruidoso; Greggerson, Herb; and Greggerson, Herb.
Dates: 1960-1989

Box 140: Files, Hamilton, William-Ushers' Song, 1956

 File — Box M123.0140: Series M123.01 [U186019154117]
Identifier: M123.01.0140
Overview Papers, reports, telegrams, newspaper clippings, publications, and order forms in well-labelled, roughly alphabetical folders - topics from 'Hamilton, William' to 'Usher's Song'
Dates: 1956

Box 147: Files, AGMA-Lucia Reception, 1960

 File — Box M123.0147: Series M123.01 [U186019154183]
Identifier: M123.01.0147
Overview Papers, correspondence, and reports in well-labelled, roughly alphabetical folders - topics from 'AGMA 1960' to '''Lucia'' Reception'
Dates: 1960

Box 158: Files, General Bulletin-Young, Allen, 1965

 File — Box M123.0158: Series M123.01 [U186019154298]
Identifier: M123.01.0158
Overview Papers, reports, newspaper clippings, and a manual in well-labelled, roughly alphabetical folders - topics from 'General Bulletin' to 'Young, Allen'
Dates: 1965

Box 172 (Cure-ier), 1950-1960

 File — Box B002.05.0172: Series B002.05; Series B002.13 [U186020743301]
Identifier: B002.05.0172
Overview The Cure-ier 1950-1960; Development Plan for Sanatorium; JCRS Patients' Handbook;Conference Programs; Medical Reports; 1961 Second Annual Founders Dinner Scrapbook
Dates: 1950-1960

Box 2: Articles, Loose Sheet Music, and Convention Materials, 1938-1976

 File — Box D091.0002: [U186023280970]
Identifier: D091.0002
Overview This box contains materials not deemed for cataloging including articles, loose sheet music, various texts on square dancing, convention materials, and workshop materials. Titles known are: Caller's Clinic Report (1950), "Advancing in Dancing" Fred and Mary Collette (1953), "And Promenade All" Larry Eisenberg (1944), "The Big Apple Dance Routine" Helen Poole, "Call for 16s," "A Collection of Couple Dances" Roger Knapp, "Come On Let's Dance!" (1949), draft of "Folk Dances of the Middle West"...
Dates: 1938-1976

Box 22, 1958-1990

 File — Box B088.05.0022: Series B088.05 [U186023261617]
Identifier: B088.05.0022
Scope and Contents Seven files with studies, reports, and research materials.
Dates: 1958-1990

Box 3, 1976 - 1999

 File — Box M416.0003: Series M416.01; Series M416.02 [U186024716584]
Identifier: M416.02.03.0003
Overview Materials from the Guild treasurer from 1975 to 1999
Dates: 1976 - 1999