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Denishawn School of Dancing


School of modern dance est. in New York by Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn.

Found in 296 Collections and/or Records:

Burmese, 1929

Identifier: D018.01.0020.00068
Overview Ruth St. Denis performs with two parisols in ''Burmese'' in 1929.
Dates: 1929

Cadman Nautch, 1955

Identifier: D018.01.0007.00033
Overview Ruth St. Denis ruffles her skirts as she performs ''Cadmons Naucht'' at Jacobs Pillow in 1955.
Dates: 1955

Cuardo Flamenco, 1923

Identifier: D018.01.0019.00009
Overview Ruth St. Denis performs 'Cuardo Flamenco' with other dancers in 1923. Left to right, Ted Shawn, Martha Hardy, Pauline Lawrence, George Steares, Louise Brooks, Ann Douglas, Charles Wiedman, Ruth St. Denis, Leanore Sheffer, Doris Humphrey, J. Roy Busclark, unidentified girl, Therea Sadowska and Robert Gorham.
Dates: 1923

Dance Lesson Flyer, between 1879-1968

Identifier: D018.01.0019.00073
Overview Drawing of Ruth St. Denis on front of promotional flyer for dance lessons St. Denis and Ted Shawn taught together.
Dates: between 1879-1968

Dance of the Royal Ballet of Siam, between 1879-1985

Identifier: D018.01.0019.00050
Overview Ruth St. Denis performs in ''Dance of the Royal Ballet of Siam.''
Dates: between 1879-1985

Dance We Must, between 1879-1985

Identifier: D018.01.0005.00033
Overview Photograph of Ruth St. Denis twirling in a full white skirt on the back of an announcement of a new Illustrated edition of Dance We Must.
Dates: between 1879-1985

Delsartean Scarf Tableux, between 1879-1985

Identifier: D018.01.0006.00001
Overview Dancers perform in ''Delsartean Scarf Tableaux'' from Werner's Magazine.
Dates: between 1879-1985

Denishawn Company, 1923

Identifier: D018.01.0019.00060
Overview Members of the Denishawn Company poses for a photograph on the 1923 tour.
Dates: 1923

Denishawn Company, 1925

Identifier: D018.01.0006.00016
Overview Members of the Denishawn Company poses for a picture before sailing to Japan in 1925.
Dates: 1925