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Gross, Dorothy Bercu, 1917-2015


Naomi Dorothea (Dorothy) Bercu was born June 14, 1917 in Douglas, Wyoming. Her father George Bercu owned the Chicago Hide, Fur and Wool Company in Douglas and in Denver. He married Olive Mistachkin and the couple became parents of Dorothy (1917-2015), Harryette (1918), Robert (1919), Bernard (1921), and Berverly (1935). From 1925-1928, Dorothy and Harryette danced on the Orpheum Vaudeville circuit around the west. They were later joined by Bob and Bernard and the whole troupe performed from New York City to Juarez, Mexico. The sisters also danced from 1936 to 1939. Dorothy attended the University of Utah in Ogden, Utah beginning in 1930 at the age of sixteen. She started a theatrical booking agency in Salt Lake City and taught dancing. Dorothy married Norman Gross in 1941 after he had signed up for her dance class. They raised three children, Valerie (Schreiber), Gary, and Dennis in Dallas, Texas. She also taught fitness classes. She died in Dallas in 2015.

Found in 38 Collections and/or Records:

Box 48, 1929-2002

 File — Box: B356.02.0048
Identifier: B356.02.0048
Scope and Contents Contains scrapbook (1930s and 1940s); Harold (Bob) Bercu photograph and correspondence (circa 1945); Norman Mistachkin (1935); George Bercu photograph (circa 1925); pencil drawing of Dorothy Bercu (2002) and George Bercu Masonic documents (1929).
Dates: 1929-2002

Castanet, circa 1930

Identifier: B356.01.0004.00003
Abstract One castanet, made in Mexico. Valerie Schreiber, Dorothy Bercu's daughter, remembers her bringing the castanets out to dance and play them for her grandchildren who were dazzled by them (see note from Valerie in collection file).
Dates: circa 1930

"Dancin' Feet", 1992

Identifier: B356.04.0024.0004
Scope and Contents Newspaper article about 74 year old Dorothy Gross' exercise class.
Dates: 1992

Dorothy Bercu in Mexican Costume, between 1933-1934

Identifier: B367.01.0003.0007.00001
Abstract Dorothy Bercu is posing in a large straw hat, woven Mexican style costume, and tap shoes with bows. Dorothy Bercu and her siblings toured in vaudeville shows and dance revues.
Dates: between 1933-1934

Dorothy Bercu in Modern Dance Costume, between 1928-1934

Identifier: B356.01.0003.0011.00002
Abstract Dorothy Bercu is shown in a classical modern dance costume, barefoot, and is doing splits. Dorothy and her sister Harryette were vaudeville performers in the 1920s and 1930s.
Dates: between 1928-1934

Dorothy Bercu in Shawl Cut-Out, 1933-1935

Identifier: B356.01.0003.0012.00001
Abstract Cut-out of Dorothy Bercu standing in a large shawl and in ballet flats. There is a large flower decoration in her hair. Dorothy and her sister performed in vaudeville in the 1920s and 1930s.
Dates: 1933-1935

Dorothy Bercu Mexican Hat Dance, 1937

Identifier: B356.01.0003.0008.00001
Abstract Dorothy Bercu is standing in tap shoes next to a Mexican hat that is on the floor. Her top, apron and skirt have sequin designs and the top of the arpon has a woven design. Dorothy Bercu had a booking agency beginning in 1937.
Dates: 1937

Extended Family, between 1960-2010

Identifier: B356.05.0026.0028

Horwitz Brothers Letters, between 1965-1996

Identifier: B356.05.0026.0017
Scope and Contents Contains letters and cards to Dorothy Bercu Gross from her Horwitz grandsons.
Dates: between 1965-1996

New Year's Eve Frolic Menu and Program, 1934 December 31

Identifier: B356.01.0003.0016.00002
Abstract New Year's Eve Frolic Menue and Program for the Hotel Ben Lomond in Ogden Utah. Dorothy and Harryette Bercu were dancers who performed on the Vaudeville circuit in the 1920s and 1930s. The cover is green and on the front is printed: "Happy New Year Hotel Ben Lomond New Year's Eve Frolic Menu and Program December 31 1934." There is a Dinner Dance Menu and the program which includes "Harryette and Dorthea Bercu, Acrobatic and Interpretive Soloists."
Dates: 1934 December 31