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Hayutin, Anna Ginsberg, 1893-1973


Anna Ginsberg Hayutin was the mother of Peryle Hayutin Beck, one of the namesakes for the Peryle Hayutin and Ira M. Beck Memorial Archives. She was born in New York City on November 13, 1893 and died in Denver, Colorado in July 1973.

Found in 133 Collections and/or Records:

Morris Hayutin Family at Balanced Rock, Colorado Springs, 1914

Identifier: B063.05.0005.00012
Overview Morris and Anna (Ginsberg) Hayutin sitting in the front seat in the car, Soloman Hayutin is the other man in the car, and Dora and Max Ginsberg sit on the back seat. The car is parked in front of the Balanced Rock in Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Morris Hayutin's niece, Freda Hayutin (child) is also seated in the car. Members of the Hayutin family arrived in Denver in the 1890s.
Dates: 1914

Morris Hayutin Photo Pin, between 1920-1930

Identifier: B107.03.0003.00001
Overview Black and white photograph of Morris Hayutin that has been mounted onto a silver lapel pin. Originally belonged to Anna F. Ginsberg Hayutin.
Dates: between 1920-1930

Mr. and Mrs. Max Ginsberg and Anna, 1904

Identifier: B063.05.0013.00010
Overview Formal portrait of the Ginsberg family. Mrs. Max Ginsberg and Anna Ginsberg stand on either side of Max Ginsberg with their hands on his shoulders.
Dates: 1904

Navy Blue Plastic Hat with Plaid Polyester Ribbon, circa 1960

Identifier: B107.01.0001.00001
Overview A navy blue circular plastic ''straw'' hat that was meant to be worn on the back of the crown of the head. Four plaid taffeta bows in blue, navy, red and yellow surround three-quarters of the brim. The inside of the hat has plum colored grosgrain ribbon and black plasticized ''horsehair'' for pinning the hat to the head. The interior label reads: ''Milgrim.''
Dates: circa 1960

Oral History Interview with Peryle Hayutin Beck, 1989 February 5

Identifier: B098.01.0006.00139
Overview Peryle Hayutin Beck (1914-2006) recalls her family history, including the Ginsbergs' and Hayutins' origins in the Russian Empire; their arrival in America in the late 19th century; the loss of several relatives in World War I; her family's ties to the Lower East Side Jewish community in New York City and Memphis, Tennessee; the arrival of Dora Ginsberg, her paternal grandmother, in Denver, Colorado for health reasons; and the extended family's gradual move from New York to Denver. She also...
Dates: 1989 February 5

Oval White Cotton Doily, between 1912-1920

Identifier: B107.02.0006.00005
Overview An oval shaped white cotton doily. The crocheted pinwheel pattern in the center was created by using the eyelet stitch. Several rows of varying and open styles of crochet give the doily a delicate look. Handmade by Anna F. Ginsberg Hayutin.
Dates: between 1912-1920

Photo Pin of an Unidentified Woman, between 1900-1920

Identifier: B107.03.0003.00002
Overview Gold-toned photograph pin of an unidentified woman. Originally belonged to Anna F. Ginsberg Hayutin.
Dates: between 1900-1920

Photo Pin of Anna Ginsberg Hayutin, between 1900-1920

Identifier: B107.03.0003.00003
Overview Gold-toned photograph pin of Anna Ginsberg Hayutin.
Dates: between 1900-1920

Portrait of Anna Ginsberg Hayutin, circa 1912

Identifier: B063.08.0047.00002
Overview Anna Ginsberg Hayutin sits with her hands folded on her lap. She wears an elaborate hat and a long dress with lace at the collar and sleeves. Anna Ginsberg was born in Russia but came to New York City with her parents, D'vera and Max Ginsberg. They moved to Denver in 1910 when she was still a young girl. Anna married the son of Russian immigrants, businessman Morris Hayutin, who owned the Western Supply Company and later the Public Industrial Bank.
Dates: circa 1912

Purple Velvet Hat, circa 1956

Identifier: B107.01.0001.00002
Overview The hat features a circular center with petal shapes going outward. The entire outside of the hat is purple velvet that is wired at the edge and has been manipulated into a shape referred to as ''wired wings''. The inside has light blue taffeta over buckram and a light blue grosgrain ribbon hat band. The interior label reads: ''Kate Ferretti Denver''. From the top view, the hat is meant to resemble a daisy.
Dates: circa 1956