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Miller, Robert Lazar, 1845-1941


Robert Lazar Miller was a cattle buyer and seller in Denver, and worked at the Denver Stockyards until his death at the age of 96 in 1941. He emigrated from Lithuania to Colorado in 1881. Along with his brother, Joe, they opened a furniture store in Cripple Creek, which subsequently burned, and a butcher shop in Denver. In the late 1890s he went into the cattle business. In the early part of the 20th century he worked as a cattle buyer at Sigman Meat Packing Company (K & B Packing and Provisions Company.) He was the father of Etta Miller Robinson, Irene Miller Stein, and Sophie Miller Peterman.

Found in 16 Collections and/or Records:

At Home on the Range: Colorado Jewish Cowboys, Cattlemen, and Poultry Growers, 2015

Identifier: B230.03.0023.00014
Abstract Brief biographies of Jewish Cowboys, Cattlemen, and Poultry Growers in Colorado. Written and directed by Jeanne Abrams for the 2015 RMJHS Dinner.
Dates: 2015

Brown Leather Folding Wallet, circa 1910

Identifier: B173.01.0007.00002
Abstract A center-folding man's wallet with internal coin compartment and a silver frame and clasp. There is a narrow compartment for cards. Additionally, there is a pocket with a gusset (opening fold) and a flap to close this compartment. Originally belonged to Robert Lazar Miller.
Dates: circa 1910

Change Purse, circa 1910

Identifier: B173.01.0007.00003
Abstract A coin purse for a man or a woman made from scored black leather with silver clasp at top. Originally belonged to Robert Lazar Miller.
Dates: circa 1910

Civilizing the West: Early Colorado Jews in the Arts, 1865-1950, 2011

Identifier: B230.03.0023.00009
Abstract Brief biographies of Jewish artists, musicians, composers, and conductors in Colorado. Jewish influence on arts in Colorado.
Dates: 2011

Irene Miller Stein Family Objects, Artwork, and Other Material

Identifier: B173
Abstract Irene Miller (Mrs. Azriel) Stein was a professional artist well into her 90s. She was the daughter of Anna and Robert Lazar Miller, both pioneers of Denver's Jewish community. In 1921 she married Azriel Stein, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaina native and they had a son Stanley. Azriel Stein founded, owned, and operated Pencol Drug Store on the corner of Pennsylvania Street and Colfax Avenue in Denver. The collection contains papers, objects, scrapbooks that belonged to Robert Lazar Miller and...
Dates: 1885-2000

Jewish Cowboys, Cattlemen, and Poultry Raisers Collection

Identifier: B369
Abstract The Miller family came from Lithuania in 1890s. Robert Lazar Miller was one of the founders of the Denver stockyards and became the chief buyer for the K and B Meat Packing Company. The Averch family arrived in Denver from Eastern Europe in the early 1900s and later founded the Capitol Meat Packing Company in 1925. Holocaust survivor Jack Stern came to the US as a refugee in 1949, moved to Denver and became a cattle buyer for the Averch family packing house. He later operated his own farm and...
Dates: 1900-2015

Leather Case, circa 1910

Identifier: B173.01.0007.00001
Abstract A brown leather case with two silver clasps at top to form a closed compartment that opens in two sections. The shape indicates that it was an eyeglass case. Originally belonged to Robert Lazar Miller.
Dates: circa 1910

Opening Day of K. and B. Packing and Provision Co., 1912 June 9

Identifier: B300.02.0002.0001.00002
Abstract A group of men and two children stand in front of the K. & B. Packing and Provision Company's store on Blake street in Denver, Colorado. Louis, Sam, and Morris Sigman are in the front row and Robert Lazar Miller is in the second row. This is a digital copy of the original photograph.
Dates: 1912 June 9

Oral History Interview with Irene Miller Stein, 1978 April 27

Identifier: B098.01.0002.00034
Abstract "Irene Stein (née Miller) talks about the Miller family in Denver, Colo. and her father Robert Lazar Miller. She gives extensive details about early life in Denver. She also discusses her life as an artist, media she worked with, and her husband Azriel Stein who founded Pencol Drug Store.Irene Miller (Mrs. Azriel) Stein was born in Denver, Colo. in 1894 and died in Aurora, Colorado in 2000 at the age of 106. Irene Stein was a professional artist well into her 90s. She worked in...
Dates: 1978 April 27

Ration Book, between 1940-1945

Identifier: B173.01.0007.00004
Abstract A World War II brown leather ration book wallet with ''RATION BOOK'' embossed on front in gold colored print. The larger section and the change section each have a tan metal button. The ration book was used to hold ration stamps for items that were scarce during World War II, such as gasoline, sugar, meat, clothing and coffee. Originally belonged to Robert Lazar Miller.
Dates: between 1940-1945