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Loewenstein, Maria (Marie Lilli Margarete), 1894-1982


Marie [Maria] Lilli Margarete Bätge, b. Tallinn, m. Herr Steinberg, had one daughter, Karin M. Steinberg; then m. Dr. Max Israel Löwenstein (later Max Israel Loewenstein) in 1925; their son Ernst Heinrich Löwenstein (later Henry Lowenstein) b. July 4, 1925 was sent from Berlin to to England on the Kindertransport in 1939; the rest of the family emigrated to the United States in 1946, where they were joined by their son in 1947. __ __ __Her birth and baptismal certificate : B333.02.0001.0002.00007 (Marie Lilli Margarete Bätge, b. Reval, 1894 am 27 Marz am 1o Uhr morgens) Her certificate of marriage to Max Israel Loewenstein : B333.02.0001.0002.00009 (Marie Lilli Margarete Steinberg, m. 1925) Certificate of Identity : B333.06.0001.0006.00001.00001 (maiden name Marie Betge, b. Reval, Estonia, April 9, 1894) Her International Rescue and Relief Committee ID card, 1946 : B333.06.0001.0006.00008 (Maria Loewenstein) Lowenstein Family Holocaust Exhibit Booklet, 2009 : B333/07-0001.0007.00001 (Maria Loewenstein )

Found in 13 Collections and/or Records:

Clothing Ration Card, between 1940-1945

Identifier: B333.02.0001.0002.00023
Overview Clothing ration card issued to Marie Loewenstein. The front cover of the card is filled out by hand with Marie's name and address and stamped with the name and address of a shoemaker, "Clemens Polley, Bülowstraße 3." The inside of the card contains lists of articles of clothing and their value. The edges of the card were ration coupons and most are missing.
Dates: between 1940-1945

Deportation Summons Disguised as a Notice of Eviction, before 1942 March 31

Identifier: B333.02.0001.0002.00005
Overview Notice of eviction addressed to Marie Loewenstein by Jüdische Kultusvereinigung zu Berlin e.V., the Jewish Cultural Association in Berlin. The letter requests its recipient come to the Jewish Cultural Association in Berlin building with every member of their household at 11:00 a.m. on March 31, 1942, a date stamp reads 31 Mar 1941. It contains a threat of "more severe measures" for failure to appear. This letter was sent to Jewish families to gather them for transportation on trains to...
Dates: before 1942 March 31

Letter from the American Consulate General in Berlin, Germany, 1938 December 31

Identifier: B333.01.0001.0001.00002
Overview Letter from the American General Consulate in Berlin to Max Loewenstein assigning the family reserve numbers. The reserve numbers were their place on the waiting list to apply for admission to the United States. Reserve numbers 8960, 8961, and 8962 meant they would be allowed to apply for a visa sometime in 1943 or 1944.
Dates: 1938 December 31

Letter from the Reich Association of Jews in Germany, 1940 August 1

Identifier: B333.02.0001.0002.00001
Overview Letter from Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland.--Abteilung Wanderung, the Reich Association of Jews in Germany Aid Agency, to Dr. Max Loewenstein informing him that they have contacted friends in New York and Sao Paulo but are still waiting for help for the Loewensteins to emigrate. This Association was a front for the Nazis to deport Jews. Once the Association staff had served their purpose, they were transported to concentration camps. Translation from Henry Lowenstein: ...
Dates: 1940 August 1

Maria Loewenstein's Temporary Identification Papers, 1946 February 11

Identifier: B333.05.0001.0005.00006
Overview Maria Loewenstein's temporary identification papers issued after World War II by the Polizeipräsident in Berlin. The front cover says Temporary ID in German and the number, Nr. L. 0011106. The back cover has not been filled out. The rest of this page, the section for children under the age of fifteen, is blank. Left side interior of the card contains information about Maria Loewenstein: name, occupation, birth date and place, nationality, and fingerprint. Right side interior has a...
Dates: 1946 February 11

Postponement of Eviction, 1942 February 24

Identifier: B333.02.0001.0002.00006
Overview Letter to Marie Loewenstein [Löwenstein on this letter] from Germany.--Generalbauinspektor für die Reichshauptstadt.--Hauptamt Verwaltung und Wirtschaft, the Main Office of Administration and Economics, Berlin, Germany. This letter informs Marie Loewenstein that the family's eviction notices have been temporarily postponed due to an interview with Marie Loewenstein the previous day. Loewenstein successfully proved, using birth and marriage certificates, that she was not Jewish and explained...
Dates: 1942 February 24

Ration Reclassification Request, 1945 October 10

Identifier: B333.05.0001.0005.00001
Overview A letter on letterhead from Hilfsstelle für politische Flüchtlinge und rassisch Verfolgte, the Aid Office for Political Refugees and Victims of Racial Persecution in Berlin, Germany. This letter states that Marie Loewenstein as the wife of a full Jew, a star carrier, has only a Jewish household identification card and is requesting she be reclassified for a higher level of ration cards. Marie Loewenstein's birth date and address are included and the letter is stamped with the Aid Office's...
Dates: 1945 October 10

Replacement Workbook, 1944 December 7

Identifier: B333.02.0001.0002.00018
Overview Marie Loewenstein's workbook issued by the Nazi government. Front cover is a form filled out by hand with Marie's name, birth date and place, address, and signature. Back cover are the rules for the use of the replacement card. Inside of the workbook, are columns titled Name and Location of the Company (Contractor) (Company Stamp), Type of Operation or the Operation Department, Date of Commencement of Employment, Type of Employment (as accurately as possible), Date of Termination of...
Dates: 1944 December 7

Second Clothing Ration Card, between 1940-1945

Identifier: B333.02.0001.0002.00021
Overview Clothing ration card issued to Marie Loewenstein. The front cover is filled out by hand with Marie's name and address. The rest of the covers explains the legalities of the ration book, the assessment for substances, and the value of the goods. The inside of the card lists types of clothing and what they are worth. Around the edge are ration tabs some with Roman numerals and some with valid from dates. Most of these tabs are missing.
Dates: between 1940-1945

Transcript of Marie Loewenstein's Birth and Baptismal Record, 1943 February 28

Identifier: B333.02.0001.0002.00007
Overview Transcript of Marie Loewenstein's birth and baptismal records extracted from the register of births and baptisms at Oleviste Kirik, St. Olav's Church, in Tallinn, Estonia. Information on this document includes Marie's birth date, baptismal date, location, and pastor, her parent's names and godparent's names. The document was issued and signed in Tallinn, Estonia, January 30, 1923 by Victor Speer Pastor of St. Olav. The document was stamped and accepted in Berlin by the Nazis as proof Marie...
Dates: 1943 February 28