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Loewenstein, Maria (Marie Lilli Margarete), 1894-1982


Marie [Maria] Lilli Margarete Bätge, b. Tallinn, m. Herr Steinberg, had one daughter, Karin M. Steinberg; then m. Dr. Max Israel Löwenstein (later Max Israel Loewenstein) in 1925; their son Ernst Heinrich Löwenstein (later Henry Lowenstein) b. July 4, 1925 was sent from Berlin to to England on the Kindertransport in 1939; the rest of the family emigrated to the United States in 1946, where they were joined by their son in 1947. __ __ __Her birth and baptismal certificate : B333.02.0001.0002.00007 (Marie Lilli Margarete Bätge, b. Reval, 1894 am 27 Marz am 1o Uhr morgens) Her certificate of marriage to Max Israel Loewenstein : B333.02.0001.0002.00009 (Marie Lilli Margarete Steinberg, m. 1925) Certificate of Identity : B333.06.0001.0006.00001.00001 (maiden name Marie Betge, b. Reval, Estonia, April 9, 1894) Her International Rescue and Relief Committee ID card, 1946 : B333.06.0001.0006.00008 (Maria Loewenstein) Lowenstein Family Holocaust Exhibit Booklet, 2009 : B333/07-0001.0007.00001 (Maria Loewenstein )

Found in 118 Collections and/or Records:

Notice Sheet, 1934 December 17

Identifier: B333.01.0001.0001.00018
Overview Notice sheet for health insurance. Translation needed. Dated at the bottom 17.12.34.
Dates: 1934 December 17

"One potatoe to a bottle of whiskey he doesn't make it.", circa 1960

Identifier: B333.08.0002.0001.00004
Scope and Contents Pencil sketch on tracing paper of a man running from a bull in a pasture. Two men on the outside of the fence, one smoking a pipe, are looking on and conversing. Quotation say "One potatoe to a Bottle of whiskey he doesn't make it." Potato is spelled with an "e" on the end.

Dates: circa 1960

Oral History Audio-cassette Tapes, 1966-1976

Identifier: B333.08.0014.0002
Scope and Contents Contains 26 audio-cassettes of oral histories by Maria Lowenstein, most done in the late 1970s. Maria talks about her childhood in Estonia, WWI, WWII, Nazis, finding Henry Lowenstein, Karin Steinberg, and Ingrid Lind. Also, one DVD with 29 mp3 files of the interviews and an Excel index.
Dates: 1966-1976

Oral History Interview with Henry Lowenstein, 2011 February 5-20

Identifier: B333.07.0001.0007.00002
Overview An unedited video interview with Henry Lowenstein on three DVDs. A fourth DVD holds the MP4 copies of the interview.
Dates: 2011 February 5-20

Painting Photographs, 1950-1970

Identifier: B333.08.0013.0007
Scope and Contents Contains photographs and negatives of Maria Lowenstein's paintings and possibly paintings from Maria's art classes. Two photographs have children pictured by paintings- possibly Maria's grandsons. Originally titled "Art Classes and Painting Photographs" because it was in an envelope titled as such upon donation. However there are no classes in the pictures and the paintings all seem to be Maria's.
Dates: 1950-1970

Paintings by Maria Lowenstein, 2011

Identifier: B333.09.0014.0003
Scope and Contents One copy of "Paintings by Maria Lowenstein" put together by Henry Lowenstein and Bob Zimmer. Book contains images of Maria Lowenstein's artwork and titles for works. A very brief resume for Maria Lowenstein is included in the beginning of the book.
Dates: Publication: 2011

Paintings (slides), 1962-1978

Identifier: B333.08.0013.0010
Scope and Contents Contains slides of Maria's paintings, the majority of which were printed in 1978.
Dates: 1962-1978

Postponement of Eviction, 1942 February 24

Identifier: B333.02.0001.0002.00006
Overview Letter to Marie Loewenstein [Löwenstein on this letter] from Germany.--Generalbauinspektor für die Reichshauptstadt.--Hauptamt Verwaltung und Wirtschaft, the Main Office of Administration and Economics, Berlin, Germany. This letter informs Marie Loewenstein that the family's eviction notices have been temporarily postponed due to an interview with Marie Loewenstein the previous day. Loewenstein successfully proved, using birth and marriage certificates, that she was not Jewish and explained...
Dates: 1942 February 24

Ration Reclassification Request, 1945 October 10

Identifier: B333.05.0001.0005.00001
Overview A letter on letterhead from Hilfsstelle für politische Flüchtlinge und rassisch Verfolgte, the Aid Office for Political Refugees and Victims of Racial Persecution in Berlin, Germany. This letter states that Marie Loewenstein as the wife of a full Jew, a star carrier, has only a Jewish household identification card and is requesting she be reclassified for a higher level of ration cards. Marie Loewenstein's birth date and address are included and the letter is stamped with the Aid Office's...
Dates: 1945 October 10

Receipt, 1939 May 21

Identifier: B333.01.0001.0001.00006
Overview Receipt to the amount of 50 Reichmarks filled out for Frau Loewenstein [Marie] in Berlin. This receipt is dated shortly before Heinrich Loewenstein [Henry Lowenstein] emigrated out of Germany and is possibly the receipt for the train ticket.
Dates: 1939 May 21