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Box U043.03.0005


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Box 5, Cl-E

 File — Box: U043.03.0005
Identifier: U043.03.0005
Abstract Honors Theses Cl to E Aggression and Dominance in House Sparrows, Passer Domesticus: Deborah L. Dalvit: : Some Biochemical Characteristics of Immunoregulators Produced by the Tumor Cell Line L1210: Peter T. Daniolos: : Biological Sciences The Attractiveness of Specific Volatiles to Drosophila mojavensis: Daniel A. Davis: 1987: Biology The Effects of Transport Inhibitors on the Anti-Metamorphic Action of Prolactin: Thomas Eyen: : Biological Sciences The Decline of Traditional Nigerian Society...
Dates: Other: 1958-1965