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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Refers to officials carrying this title serving in various administrative, judicial, or secretarial capacities in various contexts, such as noble and royal houses, governments, the judiciary, churches, and universities.

Found in 340 Collections and/or Records:

Chancellor Dwight Smith and President Gerald Ford, circa 1984

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0016.00001
Overview Photographic image of [left to right] Chancellor Dwight Smith with President Gerald Ford and an unidentified woman, at the University of Denver circa 1984.

Chancellor Dwight Smith at Chancellor's Barbecue, 1988 May

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0016.00002
Overview Photographic image of Chancellor Dwight Smith in a chef's hat, wearing an apron, and holding up tongs at the Chancellor's BBQ, University of Denver campus, May of 1988.

Chancellor Dwight Smith in Lab, circa 1975

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0017.00001
Overview Photographic image of Chancellor Dwight Smith in a laboratory, wearing a lab coat, typing on a typewriter. Chemistry equipment is visible in the background. On the campus of the University of Denver, circa 1975.

Chancellor Ritchie, circa 1995

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0001.00004
Overview Photographic image of Chancellor Daniel Ritchie with unknown man at the University of Denver, circa 1995. The Chancellor is holding a mortarboard and what appears to be a degree while the unknown man places an ornate medallion around his neck. Both wear academic regalia.

Chancellor Ritchie and VIPs at Facilities Management Groundbreaking, 1994 September 27

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0004.00001
Overview Photographic image of men in suits wearing hard hats and holding shovels full of dirt: [left to right] Cal Cox (Project Contractor), Keith Heaton (DU), Jeff Bemilin [sp] (DU), Chancellor Ritchie, Rod Davis (Architect), at the groundbreaking of the Facilities Management building on the campus of the University of Denver on 9/27/1994.

Chancellor Ritchie and VIPs at the Yegge Center Dedication, circa 1995

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0004.00002
Overview Photographic image of five men in suits wearing hard hats at the dedication of the Yegge Center at the Sturm College of Law; three hold sledgehammers, one a cane, and one a shovelful of dirt. They are standing in a building and a wall behind them has holes from sledgehammers. Left to right, they are: Yegge Center dedication Honoree Bob (Robert) Zegge, Sonny Mupelli (donor), Chancellor Dan Ritchie, George Holly [sp?] (alum and donor), law dean Dennis Lynch. On the campus of the University of...

Chancellor Ritchie Conducting Lamont Symphony Orchestra, 1995

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0001.00001
Overview Photographic image of Chancellor Daniel Ritchie conducting the Lamont Symphony Orchestra at the University of Denver, circa 1995. Chancellor Ritchie is facing the orchestra and in the forground of the image most of the musicians can be seen.

Chancellor Ritchie in Homecoming Parade, 1995 November

Identifier: U201.01.0099.0033.00001
Overview Black and white print of University of Denver Chancellor Daniel Ritchie riding in the front of a covered wagon in DU's Homecoming parade in November 1995. Both Ritchie and the driver of the wagon are wearing cowboy hats and boots, and the wagon bears signs reading "[illegible] Marshall" and "Wagons furnished by Cowboy Metal."

Chancellor Ritchie in Parade, circa 1995

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0001.00006
Overview Photographic image of a parade with Chancellor Ritchie riding in the back of a Jeep with no top; a male student is driving and a female student stands in the passenger side. A line of vehicles carrying students stretches down the street behind them; balloons adorn almost every car. In the far rear a band and cheerleaders are visible. On or near the University of Denver campus, circa 1995.

Chancellor Ritchie Skiing with Students, circa 1995

Identifier: U201.02.0141.0001.00005
Overview Photographic image of Chancellor Ritchie with six individuals on skis and dressed in winter clothing on a mountain. Location unknown, circa 1995.