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Social life and customs

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Private Note: This term is an LCSH subdivision only. Used under places and classes of persons. Consider LCSH: Manners and customs as a heading.

Found in 377 Collections and/or Records:

Anne Levitt Marcus Standing, circa 1942

Identifier: B315.01.00029
Overview Anne Levitt Marcus, dressed in a pants suit, is standing in front of a house. She was the daughter of Isadore and Yetta Levitt.

Anne Levitt Marcus Standing By Car, 1941 June

Identifier: B315.01.00020
Overview Anne Levitt Marcus is standing by a car. There are trees in the background. She was the daughter of Isadore and Yetta Levitt.

Anniversary Party at Mr. and Mrs. Greinitz Home, between 1900-1920

Identifier: B063.05.0021.00018
Overview Several individuals seated and standing around a table in Mr. and Mrs. Greinitz's house for a group photograph during an anniversary party. A cake with lit candles is in the middle of the table. Identified individuals are Libby and Joe Buchalter, Rose Greinitz, Ida Greinitz, Harry Greinitz, Mr. Buchalter, Malka Goodstein, Abe Goodstein, Mrs. Idelson and Rabbi Idelson, Leah Block, Lena and Ben Grimes, Abe Greinitz, Marcia Greintz, Esther Greinitz, Barton Buchalter, Leah Buchalter, Myer and...

Articles, Publications and Genealogical Materials, 1880-2005

Identifier: B100.01.0001.0001
Overview This folder contains newspaper and magazine articles, family tree charts, and brief family histories relating to the Kobey family.

Aspen, Colorado, between 1940-1995

Identifier: B114.03.0001.0003
Overview A Jewish resident of Aspen offers her reflections on Jewish life in Aspen in 1994 and surveys Jewish contributions to Aspen's culture and economy. David Hyman was an early investor in Aspen in 1880 and, along with Elias Cohn, was a major figure in the town's mining industry. Yom Kippur services were held in the Wheeler Opera House in 1889.

Baby Photograph of Anne Levitt, 1916 June

Identifier: B315.01.00021
Overview Anne Levitt is seated and is wearing a dress and shoes. She was the daughter of Isadore and Yetta Prezant Levitt and was born in October of 1916. Isadore and Yetta Levitt came from Russia and settled in the Eastern European Jewish neighborhood around West Colfax Avenue in Denver, Colorado. Later Anne Levitt married Morey Marcus.

Baby Photograph of Margaret Richman, circa 1912 October

Identifier: B063.08.0033.0006.00001
Overview Formal portrait of Margaret Richman (Piehl) at the age of 9 months. She sits in a chair on an animal pelt and has rings on her fingers and a necklace around her neck. Margaret Richman was born January 12, 1911 and died in Denver in October, 1986.

Bell Tailors' 1927 Annual Picnic, 1927 July 18

Identifier: B063.01.0050.0001.00002
Overview Bell Tailors' employees and their families picnic in Bergen Park in the Colorado mountains on July 18, 1927. People are holding three signs: ''Bell Tailors Annual Picnic, Bergen Park.'' There are five open-sided tour buses and some of the people are standing on top of one of the buses.

Bell Tailors' Annual Picnic, circa 1925

Identifier: B063.01.0050.0001.00001
Overview Employees of Bell Tailors and their families picnic in Bergen Park in the Colorado mountains in the 1920s. There are four open-sided tour buses behind the group. A sign reads: ''Bell Tailors Annual Picnic at Bergan [sic] Park.''

Bernstein Family at Seven Falls, Colorado, 1910 June

Identifier: B063.05.0013.00018
Overview Mrs. Moritz Bernstein, her son and daughter Eva and an unidentified woman ride on burros in front of the waterfalls at Seven Falls, Colorado Springs, Colorado, during a tour. Mrs. Bernstein's other son stands behind the group beside a taxidermied elk. All five of the men and women are wearing hats. Moritz Bernstein had a dry goods store in Walsenburg, Colorado, where the family lived and in other southern Colorado towns.