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Notes (documents)

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Brief statements of a fact or experience, written down for review, or as an aid to memory, or to inform someone else; also includes short, informal letters. Consider more specific terms if applicable, such as: "Field notes," "Laboratory notes," "Lecture notes," or "Research notes," plus various financial instruments such as "Promissory notes.".

Found in 1739 Collections and/or Records:

Alumnae Meetings, 2003, 2003 March 4-December 6

Identifier: U109.05.0018.0023
Overview This folder contains meeting agendas and correspondence for Alumnae Association meetings held in 2003.
Dates: 2003 March 4-December 6

Alumnae Reunion TWC 2005, 2005 July 30

Identifier: U109.01.0001.0088
Overview This folder contains a photo and a program for the 2005 TWC Alumnae Reunion. This folder also contains a photo of Michele ''Mike'' Bloom at the Reunion.
Dates: 2005 July 30

Ammendments to Agreements 7/29/04, 2004 July 29

Identifier: U109.02.0003.0012
Overview This folder contains a renegotiation of the agreement made between the various parties involved in the construction of the Chambers Center after Girls Count had to back out of the agreement.
Dates: 2004 July 29

Analysis/Consequences Zoning Chambers Center 7/28/00, 2000 July 28

Identifier: U109.02.0002.0034
Overview This folder contains an analysis put together by Michele ''Mike'' Bloom concerning the outcome of a loss of a fight over zoning issues with respect to the building of the Chambers center.
Dates: 2000 July 28

Announcement - Chambers Correspondence - Archives, 2000 November 30

Identifier: U109.02.0002.0045
Overview This folder contains a memo concerning the Chambers Center press release.
Dates: 2000 November 30

Announcement Bloom Appointment WEC Director 1/6/1993, 1993 January 6

Identifier: U109.01.0001.0020
Overview This folder contains the announcement of Michele (''Mike'') Bloom as Weekend College Director.
Dates: 1993 January 6

Announcement Event 2000, Chambers Center, 2000

Identifier: U109.02.0002.0039
Overview This folder contains documents pertaining to the announcement event for the Chambers Center.
Dates: 2000

Annual Progress Report TWC 6/97, 1997 June

Identifier: U109.01.0001.0053
Overview This folder contains a report on the progress of TWC towards its annual goals.
Dates: 1997 June

Anonymous Handwritten Note, Undated

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0103.00004
Overview Undated anonymous handwritten note scribed in ink. The note reads, "Phoned Dr. Fish to have Kasriel make all arrangements for leaving" [sic]. The note was found in JCRS patient #972 R. Kasriel's record.
Dates: Undated

Anonymous Note, undated

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0096.00001
Overview Typed note in blue ink that reads, "APPLICATION #959...SEE APPLICATION #1058" [sic]. The note is not signed.
Dates: undated