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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Use for: Faculty member(s) of unknown, unspecified or mixed rank. For faculty of known rank, use: Full professors, Associate professors, Assistant professors, ... Also in TGM and TUCUA. Use this term for Archival Objects. For Resources, use Universities and colleges -- Faculty. adr 7/14/2016

Found in 827 Collections and/or Records:

Aspen Conference, 1976 March 31

Identifier: U201.01.0076.0008.00003.00001
Overview The image depicts an image of an unidentified speaker in front of an audience in an auditorium, for the Aspen Conference for the administration of University of Denver, on 3-31-76.

Box 41, 1999-2012

Identifier: U303.01.0041
Overview Digital minutes from Faculty Senate minutes from the University of Denver. Minutes date from 1999 to 2012

Business Administration Class, 1940-1959

Identifier: U201.01.0049.0002.00007
Overview Still image of seated female business administration students in a classroom with instructor standing at the front of the room. Each student has a typewriter in front of them. An older female stands in the background.

Business Administration Group Photo, 1951 July

Identifier: U201.01.0049.0003.00003
Overview Still image of about fifty business administration faculty and students, standing in a group on the steps of an unidentified building.

Business Administration Student and Professor, 1940-1959

Identifier: U201.01.0049.0003.00007
Overview Still image of a professor standing over a seated student. Both are looking at what appears to be an adding machine. The student holds a pencil poised above a notepad. In the background are a chalkboard, some type of chart on the wall, and an unidentified piece of machinery. On the University of Denver campus, circa 1950.

Business Administration Students, 1940-1959

Identifier: U201.01.0049.0002.00005
Overview Still image of business administration students and professor. The students are sitting in a U-shape and working on adding machines.

Business Administration Students, 1940-1959

Identifier: U201.01.0049.0002.00006
Overview Still image of business administration students working with machines.Four female students are either seated in front of or standing and looking at what appear to be adding machines. A male stands to the right, looking on.

Business Administration Students, 1940-1959

Identifier: U201.01.0049.0003.00008
Overview Still image of classroom full of business administration students and professor. The professor stands at the front of the room in front of a blackboard. Each student is seated at a desk using a different machine; some appear to be adding machines or typewriters, along with other unidentified machines. Large windows line one side of the classroom. On the University of Denver campus, circa 1950.

Business Administration Students and Faculty, between 1930-1940

Identifier: U201.01.0049.0001.00001
Overview Still image of students and faculty of the Business Administration department in the 1930s. A group of 21 females and 23 males stands on the stairs of a brick building, surrounding a statue of two women reading. Group includes Dean of Business Administration, George A. Warfield.

Business Administration Students in Class, 1940-1959

Identifier: U201.01.0049.0003.00002
Overview Still image of an instructor standing and pointing to a chart with multiple graphs on it. Four male and one female student are seated at tables immediately in front of him. The chart is titled: "Salient Features of the Postwar Transition".