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Berlin (Germany)

Subject Source: Library of Congress Name Authority File
Scope Note: For headings before 1949 and after 1990. Headings for 1949-1990 are found under: Berlin (Germany : East); Berlin (Germany : West). Valid for Berlin as a city and as a state.

Found in 118 Collections and/or Records:

Kindertransport Travel Instructions, 1939 May 29

Identifier: B333.01.0001.0001.00008
Abstract Letter from the Jewish Welfare and Youth Welfare Office in Berlin notifying the Loewensteins of Heinrich Loewenstein's [Henry Lowenstein, written in this letter as Ernst] place on the Kindertransport. The letter contains the date, time, and location of departure of the transport and Heinrich's permit number. Translation by Henry Loewenstein: "Jewish Welfare and Children's Care Organization, May 25, 1939. We notify you herewith that the transport to England in which your child Ernst is to...
Dates: 1939 May 29

Laundry Receipt, 1942 July 2

Identifier: B333.02.0001.0002.00014
Abstract Laundry receipt from W. Spindler, Berlin, Germany used by Marie Loewenstein to prove residency in her apartment. Front of the receipt is dated and has the order information along with the order confirmation and delivery conditions. Back of the receipt has the continuation of the delivery conditions and the insurance conditions.
Dates: 1942 July 2

Letter Announcing Heinrich Loewenstein's Place on the Kindertransport, after 1939 February 20

Identifier: B333.01.0001.0001.00005
Abstract Letter on Hampstead Garden Suburb Care Committee for Refugee Children letterhead addressed to Dr. Max Loewenstein. The letter informed Dr. Max Loewenstein the committee had guaranteed a place for Heinrich Loewenstein [Henry Lowenstein] on the Kindertransport. If further states that Heinrich's paperwork was received on February 20, 1939 and that the committee will deal with the German authorities. The English Parliament passed a law permitting German Jewish children to settle in England and...
Dates: after 1939 February 20

Letter from Hampstead Garden Suburb Care Committee for Refugee Children, circa 1939

Identifier: B333.01.0001.0001.00009
Abstract Undated letter addressed to Dr. Max Loewenstein from the "Hampstead Garden Suburb Care Committee for Refugee Children, associated with, The World Movement for the Care of Children from Germany. (British inter-aid Committee)." This letter informs the Loewensteins that they can send clothing to Heinrich Loewenstein [Henry Lowenstein] in packages weighing less than 10 kilos to an address included in the letter through the British Post. The letter is signed by the secretary of the committee.
Dates: circa 1939

Letter from the American Consulate General in Berlin, Germany, 1938 December 31

Identifier: B333.01.0001.0001.00002
Abstract Letter from the American General Consulate in Berlin to Max Loewenstein assigning the family reserve numbers. The reserve numbers were their place on the waiting list to apply for admission to the United States. Reserve numbers 8960, 8961, and 8962 meant they would be allowed to apply for a visa sometime in 1943 or 1944.
Dates: 1938 December 31

Letter from the Reich Association of Jews in Germany, 1940 August 1

Identifier: B333.02.0001.0002.00001
Abstract Letter from Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland.--Abteilung Wanderung, the Reich Association of Jews in Germany Aid Agency, to Dr. Max Loewenstein informing him that they have contacted friends in New York and Sao Paulo but are still waiting for help for the Loewensteins to emigrate. This Association was a front for the Nazis to deport Jews. Once the Association staff had served their purpose, they were transported to concentration camps. Translation from Henry Lowenstein: ...
Dates: 1940 August 1

Letter of Admittance to Wittenauer Sanatorium, 1941 September 25

Identifier: B333.02.0001.0002.00002
Abstract Letter admitting Dr. Max Loewenstein into Wittenauer Heilstätten, Wittenauer Sanatorium, written on Wittenauer Sanatorium letterhead, addressed to Marie Loewenstein. This letter also promises transfer of the family's ration cards to her. Ration cards listed are for food, an ID card, household goods, and clothing. Shortly after Max Loewenstein was admitted, the Nazis began a major roundup of Berlin's Jews to send them to the Eastern European ghettos and concentration camps.
Dates: 1941 September 25

Letter to Dr. Lowenstein, 1928 January 28

Identifier: B333.01.0001.0001.00015
Abstract Letter in German to Dr. Lowenstein. Mentions Halensee twice which is an area in Berlin and signed "Hearty Regards, Ludwig and Else H(?).
Dates: 1928 January 28

Lodz Ghetto, 1941

Identifier: B333.03.0001.0003
Abstract A card from Georg and Alice Loewenstein written to Marie Loewenstein and sent from the Lodz Ghetto in Poland.
Dates: 1941

Loewenstein Family Portrait, circa 1940

Identifier: B333.03.01.00001
Abstract Left to right standing: Max Loewenstein, Alice Loewenstein, Marie Loewenstein, and Georg Loewenstein and, sitting in front, Ernestine Goetz Loewenstein "Grandma Omchen" pose together in front of a house, Berlin, Germany.
Dates: circa 1940