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Tuberculosis -- Patients

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 3213 Collections and/or Records:

Copy of Bill for Funeral Expenses, 1910 February 23

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0054.00011

Typed duplicate copy of bill for Jos. Walter, Block 113 #5. Expenses are listed as Hearse $3, Grave $15, Digging $3, Undertaker $5.50, Bal Misaskim $2, Tachrichem $5, totaling $31.50.

Dates: 1910 February 23

Copy of Letter E. Sher to C.D. Spivak, 1911 April 28

Identifier: B002.01.0104.0009.00010

Copy of letter from Esther Sher to Dr. Charles Spivak asking JCRS to convince Joseph Winkler to send his son to treatment.

Dates: 1911 April 28

Copy of Letter from C.D. Spivak to J. Levitt, 1910 April 04

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0065.00005

Copy of typed letter with JCRS letterhead from Dr. Charles Spivak to Jacob Levitt, 1472 Knox Court, City, in which he invites him to the sanatorium. Copy of letter is unsigned but "Secretary" is typed at bottom.

Dates: 1910 April 04

Copy of Letter from C.D. Spivak to J. Nidich, 1908 March 14

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0055.00006

Typed copy of letter from Dr. Charles Spivak to Julius Nidich, 1217 W. 14th Ave., City, in which he states they sent him a letter on February 28 which was returned due to incorrect address. He asks him to comply with the request in the letter and return the application as soon as possible. Letter is unsigned but "Secretary" is typed at bottom.

Dates: 1908 March 14

Copy of letter from D. Kirstein to H. Schwatt, 1910 September 1

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0126.00022

Copy of a letter sent from Dave Kirstein to Dr. H. Schwatt. Kirstein is letting Schwatt know that he arrived home safely. He tells Schwatt that he is feeling very good at the present time. He also informs Schwatt that the weather is very hot in Alabama, but the nights are a little cooler. He also tells him that he found his family all doing well. He hopes Schwatt is feeling good and hopes to hear from him soon. The letter is signed, "Yours truly, (Dave Kirstein)" at the bottom.

Dates: 1910 September 1

Copy of Letter from S.K. Friedman to C.D. Spivak, 1911 February 15

Identifier: B002.01.0104.0008.00002

Typed copy of a letter Mr. S.K. Friedman to Dr. Charles Spivak asking him and the JCRS to admit Mr. Moses Lesser to the Sanatorium as soon as they are able. Letter is dated.

Dates: 1911 February 15

Copy of letters to JCRS, 1911 June 10

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0124.00010
Abstract There are two copies of letters on the same sheet of paper. The first letter is from H. Schwatt to C.D. Spivak. The letter stated, "Dear Doctor, Enclosed please find $1.00 and a ring left by Rachel Goodman who died here May 24th. Her brother wants the money to go to the Society." The second letter is from C.D. Spivak to Abe Goodman. The letter stated, "Dear Friend, We enclosed herewith receipt #14777 for $1.00 which you were kind enough to donate to the Jewish Cons. Relief Society. Thanking...
Dates: 1911 June 10

Copy of Receipt, 1910 February 28

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0083.00005

Copy of receipt for the funeral expenses for Mr. Louis Petrover, buried at block 114 #1, totaling $31.50. Receipt is dated 2/28/10.

Dates: 1910 February 28

Copy of Receipt, 1910 August 1

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0107.00021

Copy of receipt created by JCRS from Whitehead and Meyer detailing the cost of burial equipment and two first class railroad tickets from Denver, Colorado to New York. Each ticket costs $40.60 for a total of $81.20. There is a casket, embalming service, and shipping box included on the receipt. The total for all items amounts to $156.20

Dates: 1910 August 1

Copy of Receipt, 1910 November 4

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0107.00035

Copy of receipt made at JCRS which documents the money sent from Mrs. A. Jusskowitz for a copy of her husband's death certificate. The receipt says there is 75 cents left from $1.00 sent by Mrs. Jusskowitz.

Dates: 1910 November 4