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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 35 Collections and/or Records:

Copy of Bill for Funeral Expenses, 1911 October 5

Identifier: B002.01.0104.0125.00019
Abstract Typed copy of funeral expenses for David Steinberg. Expenses listed as follows: Hearse $6, grave $10.50, digging $3, Undertaker $5.50, Bal Misaskim $3.50, Tachricham $3, totalling $31.50. At the bottom it reads "Received of C.D. Spivak $2 in payment of certified death certificate of David Steinberg and Henry Steinhauer. W. D. Peck, Colo. State Board of Health." Dated October 18, 1911.
Dates: 1911 October 5

Copy of Receipt from Golden Hill Cemetery, 1911 March 7

Identifier: B002.01.0103.0144.00009
Abstract Copy of a receipt from Golden Hill Cemetery detailing the cost of Hyman Diamond's burial. Items charged on the bill include a hearse, grave, digging, undertaker, Bal Misaskim, and Tachrichem. The total of the bill comes to $31.50. The block and grave numbers are listed on the receipt as well.
Dates: 1911 March 7

Copy of the Rose Hill Cemetery Receipt, 1910 March 29

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0098.00021
Abstract Copy of the receipt for the burial of David Rubin at Rose Hill Cemetery. The receipt is made out to JCRS. The receipt notes Rubin's block number, as well as the expenses for the burial service. The services included a hearse, grave, digging, coffin, Bal Misaskim, and the Tachrichem which came to a total of $31.50.
Dates: 1910 March 29


Identifier: frid00474
Scope and Contents From the Collection: The collection consists of over two terabytes of digital images, made available to the University Libraries by the Myhren Art Gallery at the University of Denver for the purposes of long-term preservation and user access. Images are curated at the item level.
Dates: Majority of material found within 1925-1964

Letter from C.D. Spivak to B. Newman, 1911 June 20

Identifier: B002.01.0103.0144.00010
Abstract Typed letter from C.D. Spivak to B. Newman. Spivak enclosed a bill for the burial expenses of her son, Hyman Diamond. Spivak asks Newman to oblige regarding the payment of the bill.
Dates: 1911 June 20

Letter from C.D. Spivak to Mr. Affeld, 1912 June 25

Identifier: B002.01.0104.0151.00024
Abstract Letter from C.D. Spivak to Mr. Affeld. Spivak received the enclosed check for $20.00 from Henry Schnoor’s children, but regrets to say that a tombstone cannot be erected until the funeral expenses have been paid. Spivak tells Affeld that the expenses amount to $31.50 and JCRS found $8.24 on Henry’s body after his death.
Dates: 1912 June 25

Letter from C.D. Spivak to Mr. Affeld, 1912 December 5

Identifier: B002.01.0104.0151.00029
Abstract Letter from C.D. Spivak to Mr. Affeld. Spivak is happy to enclose proof that S.F. Disraelly erected a tombstone over Henry Schnoor’s grave. Spivak enclosed a photo of the tombstone for Schnoor’s children.
Dates: 1912 December 5

Letter from C.D. Spivak to S.F. Disraelly, 1912 July 15

Identifier: B002.01.0104.0151.00026
Abstract Letter from C.D. Spivak to S.F. Disraelly. Spivak tells Disraelly that Henry Schnoor’s family has contributed $38.24 to erect a gravestone over Schnoor’s grave, but they are not able to fully pay the amount of the funeral expenses and the cost for the tombstone. Spivak asks Disraelly what JCRS can afford to do about the situation.
Dates: 1912 July 15

Letter from C.D. Spivak to S.F. Disraelly, 1912 September 10

Identifier: B002.01.0104.0151.00028
Abstract Letter from C.D. Spivak to S.F. Disraelly. Spivak tells Disraelly that he wrote to him on July 15th, 1912 about the $38.24 that the Schnoor children gave to JCRS to help pay for funeral expenses, as well as erect a tombstone over their father’s grave. Spivak asks Disraelly to provide his opinion about the situation.
Dates: 1912 September 10

Letter from E. Gonda to C.D. Spivak, 1910 August 3

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0106.00024
Abstract Handwritten letter from Mrs. Ethel Gonda to C.D. Spivak. She begins the letter by stating that the family is in very poor circumstances and would like Spivak to do what he can with the photographic equipment. She then mentions that the family plans on moving back to Europe once they can save enough money. She again requests that the death certificate be sent soon because it is an important document that they need for the move. She signs the letter "Mrs. Gonda" with their address and in large,...
Dates: 1910 August 3