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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Here are entered musical compositions. General works about opera are entered under the heading: Opera. Variant forms: Burlettas, Comic operas , Intermezzos (Operas), Light operas, Opera buffas, Opera serias, OpeĢras comiques, Operettas, Puppet operas, Singspiels.

Found in 103 Collections and/or Records:

Series 2, 1883 - 1994

Identifier: M208.01
Abstract Series 2 consists of the personal papers of Galen and Ada Belle Spencer.
Dates: 1883 - 1994

Tales of Hoffman, 1948 July

Identifier: M123.02.0395.0013.00002
Abstract Program from the 1948 production of "Tales of Hoffman" by the Central City Opera House Association.Cast includes: Igor Gorin (Lindorf), Gene Garey (Andres), Robert Rusch (Luther), John Replogle (Nathaniel), Andrew Gainey (Hermann), Mario Berini and Thomas Hayward (Hoffmann), Inge Manski (Nicklausse), Leslie Chabay (Spalanzani), Gene Garey (Cochenielle), Jerome Hines (Coppelius/Miracle), Graciela Silvain (Olympia), Mariquita Moll (Giulietta), Philip Kinsman (Schlemil/Crespel), Gene...
Dates: 1948 July

The Barber of Seville, 1941 July

Identifier: M123.02.0395.0010.00002
Abstract Program for "The Barber of Seville" produced by the Central City Opera House Association.Cast includes: Paul Kwartin (Fiorello), John Carter (Count Almaviva), John Brownlee (Figaro), Stella Andreva (Rosin), Louis D'Angelo (Bartolo), Larry Bolton (Ambrosius), Nino Ruisi (Basilio), Edwina Eustis (Bertha), Howard Miller (An Officer), Claude Schmitz (Notary), Robert Kerr and Evan Petroff (Servants), Dorothea Butz, Elsie Lorenz, Ardis Schmitz, Margret Snyder, Robert Amsberry, Frederick...
Dates: 1941 July

The Bartered Bride, 1940 July

Identifier: M123.02.0395.0009.00001
Abstract Program for "The Bartered Bride" produced by the Central City Opera House Association.Cast includes: Louis D'Angelo (Krusina), Helen Olheim ( Ludmila), Josephine Antoine (Marie), Philip Duey (Micha), Thelma Votipka (Hata), George Rasely (Vasek), John Carter (Jenik), Norman Cordon (Kecal), Larry Bolton (Springer), Louise D'Angelo (Esmeralda), Sherman Sanders (cracker Jack), James Powell (Murru), Phyliss Sells (Radila), Christine Mayer(Little Girl), Paul Kwartin (Village Musician),...
Dates: 1940 July

The Beautiful Galatea and Amelia Goes to the Ball, 1951 July

Identifier: M123.02.0395.0016.00002
Abstract Program from the Central City Opera House Association's 1951 production of "The Beautiful Galatea" and "Amelia Goes to the Ball." The Beautiful Galatea cast: Andrew Gainey and Benjamin Thomas (Ganymede), Paul Franke (Midas), Kayton Nesbitt (Pygmalion), and Virgina Haskins and Laurel Hurley (Galatea) Amelia Goes to the Ball cast: Eleanor Steber (Amelia), Margaret Roggero (Her Friend), Shirley Harkness and Beatie Clark (Her Maids), Andrew Gainey...
Dates: 1951 July

The Constant Wife, 1951

Identifier: M123.02.0395.0016.00001
Abstract Program from the Central City Opera House Association's 1951 production of "The Constant Wife." Cast includes: Grace George (Mrs. Culver), Liam Sullivan (Bently), Gertrude Musgrove (Martha Culver), Eva Leonard Boyne (Barbara Fawcett), Katherine Cornell (Constance Middleton), Nan Martin (Marie-Louise Durham), Brian Aherne (John Middleton, F.R.C.S.), John Emery (Bernard Kersal), and Theodore Marcuse (Mortimer Durham). Production Staff includes: Guthrie...
Dates: 1951

The Critique, 1948 July 22

Identifier: M123.02.0395.0013.00004
Abstract Program from the Central City Opera House Association production of "The Critique", a feature of the annual Central City Play Festival. The Critique is an informal, unrehearsed panel discussion featuring distinguished experts of national reown in the entertainment world.

The Panel includes: Virgil Thomson, Madge Skelly, Martha Scott, Howard Taubman, Gypsy Rose Lee, and George Somnes (Moderator)
Dates: 1948 July 22

The Devil's Disciple, 1950 August

Identifier: M123.02.0395.0015.00003
Abstract Program from the Central City Opera House Association's 1950 production of "The Devil's Disciple."Cast includes: Helen Bonfils (Mrs. Dudgeon), Olive Dunbar (Essie), Emmett Rogers (Christie), Philip Bourneuf (Anthony Anderson), Frances Reid (Judith Anderson), Somer Alberg (Lawyer Hawkins), George Schaeffer (William Dudgeon), June Prud'Homme (Mrs. William), Cliff Cothren (Titus Dudgeon), Maud Sheerer (Mrs. Titus), Maurice Evans (Dick Dudgeon), Walter F. Appler (Sergeant), Kenneth...
Dates: 1950 August

The Gondoliers/The King of Barataria, July-August 1936

Identifier: M123.02.0395.0005.00001
Abstract Program for "The Gondoliers" or "The King of Barataria" produced by the Central City Opera House Association and directed by Frank St. Leger. Cast includes: Paul Porter (Duke of Plaza-Toro), Barre Hill (Luiz), Mark Daniels (Don Alhambra Del Bolero), Edward Kane (Marco Palmieri), Raymond Middleton (Giuseppe Palmieri), Paul Kwartin (Antonio), Don Davies (Francesco), Stanley Carlson (Giorgio), James Leaman (Annibale), Ruth Young (Duchess of Plaza-Toro), Grace Panvini (Casilda), Lee...
Dates: July-August 1936